Sheffield University

The Sheffield university was created as a result of merging of three educational institutions — Sheffield school of medicine (it is founded in 1828), Fertsky college (1879) and Sheffield technical school (1884). In 1897 they were integrated, and in 1905 by the royal decree the educational institution was given the status of university. For the XX century the university successfully developed, and now it is one of the leading higher educational institutions of Great Britain. Now at university more than 23 thousand students, from them about three thousand — foreign students from 120 countries of the world study. It is impossible to call Sheffield the big city, but in it there is everything that is necessary for modern city life. At the same time it is the cozy city with the benevolent atmosphere. Thanks to the central situation Sheffield has good transport connection with other cities of Great Britain. Near Sheffield there are a lot of picturesque places, and the well-known National park Peak begins actually on the suburb of the city. High level of teaching and scientific researches is the business card of University and is confirmed by official data — the 6th place among the British universities. According to data of expertize, 81 percent of staff of University work at the departments which received estimates “5 *” and “5”, at the same time average result on the country — 55 percent. The revenue gained by University as a result of its theoretical and applied scientific researches approaches 100 million pounds sterling.

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