Sheffield Hallam University, Great Britain

Sheffield Hallam University
Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield university Hallam – one of the largest universities in the United Kingdom, in it about 35000 students study and more than 3200 employees from around the world work. Among students more than 4200 people there are foreigners. The university is located in the most green city of England – Sheffield.

The educational complex of university is considered one of the most advanced in Great Britain, and over the last 10 years more than 100 million pounds sterling were invested in it.

The emphasis in educational programs of university is placed on the practical courses focused on real branches and taught with participation not only the academic, but also professional shots. Practical approach is realized also in active interaction with the organizations and the enterprises in subject branches.

Close ties with business allow to include in the training program of lecture of heads of the companies, and also to organize training for students. Thanks to cooperation of university with more than 50 profile enterprises, pupils can pass the annual paid practice on the specialty.

Sheffield university Hallam has partner communications with the Russian educational institutions in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi.


The university possesses two campuses: one is in the center of Sheffield (City Campus), and another – in the green suburb (Collegiate Campus). Between campuses regular buses ply.

Sheffield Hallam offers the students the highest education level and the most modern tutorials, including the advanced training centers. Besides, both campuses have excellent recreation areas and completely equipped gym as well as a full range of additional types of fitness and leisure.

The university guarantees placement in the hostel to all first-year students.

Academic programs

At university Sheffield Hallam is trained in a large number of various petsialnost. Among the most interesting specialties for the Russian student It should be noted the following: business, design of furniture, jewelry and work on metal, design of clothes, pharmaceutics, development of computer games, computer and information security, avionics, technology of automobile design, animation and visual effects, photo, film production, real estate, sports management, cinematology, etc.

Names of subject domains according to which training and their cost in a year is provided are given below.

The name of subject Cost for a year (GBP)
Bachelor degree Magistracy
Acting skills 10320 10260
English 10320 10260
Architecture 10320 10260
Space instrument making 10320 10260
Business management 10320 6960-22000
Accounts department, banking and finance 10320 10260-10980
Computer facilities 10320 10260
Geography 10320
Hotel business 10320 10980
Dietology and food 10320 10980
Studying of the childhood 10320
Foreign languages 10320
Art and design 10320 10260
History 10320 6690-10260
Criminology 10320 10260
Mathematics 10320
Mechanical engineering 10320 10260
Media arts 10320 10260
Real estate 10320 10260-13140
Organization of events 10320 10980
Environmental protection 10320 10260
Pedagogics 10320 10260
Planning of premises 10260 10260
Design 10320 10260
Psychology 10320 10260-11700
Physical therapy 12520 11700
X-ray analysis 13520 11700
Mass media, PR and journalism 10320 10260-13140
Social work 13520 10260-11700
Sociology and political science 10320
Sport and active lifestyle 11520 11700
Construction and geodesy 10320 10260
Judicial engineering 10320 10260
Work therapy 12520 11700-15640
Tourism 10320 10980
Care of patients 11520 10260
Chemistry and biological sciences 11520 10260-10980
Electronic equipment 10320 10260
Law 10320 10260
IT – business and information and communication systems 10320 10260-13140
IT games and visualization 10320 10260
IT – computer networks 10320 10260
IT – multimedia and the Internet 10320 10260
IT – the general knowledge 10320 10260
IT – development of the software 10320 10260

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