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Seneca College
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Description of educational institution
Seneca Kolledzh is a large educational institution of Canada with 100 000 students in eight main campuses located in the territory of Toronto. Here more than 3500 foreign students from 101 countries are trained. Seneca offers the most modern form of education with professors highly skilled and devoted to business. Here it is possible to gain diplomas and degrees in 150 specialties. Upon termination of training students gain diplomas, academic degrees. Also the postgraduate study is among these programs. During training it is also possible to gain the Canadian experience within the training program and after hours, working as part-time. Recent researches of the government showed that more than 94.3% of employers are very happy with the level of the knowledge gained by graduates of college. Moreover, Seneca has the partner communications with other universities of the world allowing our certified specialists an opportunity to continue their education at universities of Canada, the United States of America, Australia and many others. Seneca Kolledzh is located in Toronto, the Province of Ontario. Toronto, the largest city of Canada and the city of North America, the 5th in size, with the population of 4.7 million people, is also economic and shopping center of the country. It is the multinational city of the world where nearly 50% of inhabitants were given birth out of the country. Having taken to city streets, it is possible to hear more than 100 (!) various languages.
Enrollment of students is carried out in September, January and in May. For enrollment of students, the student has to have the diploma about the termination of high school and its official translation into English. It is also necessary to provide result of the international TOEFL/IELTS test with the corresponding number of points. The applicants who do not have the corresponding point of TOEFL/IELTS can be accepted conditionally. We offer such students of class in studying of English as second language which is still insufficiently good to begin the academic study. For more information concerning procedures and the minimum requirements on reception, please, visit our website <> (available as well in other option).
College Seneca has two residences for residence of students in the campuses of Nyyukham and King. They are equipped with all modern household items and the kitchen equipment in double numbers, with high-speed Internet access, personal bathrooms, telephone access, free intracity calls and services of voice mail. Besides, within the Accommodation in the House program (Homestay) we can also help with rent of the room in the house, both with providing food, and without it.
Our foreign students get free medical insurance, access to three faculty consultants which work only with foreign students, free tutoring in any subject (included in their academic program), the free pass from the airport on an arrival to Canada and is a lot of other services. Understanding as to students it is heavy far from the house, the college carries out a special action for mitigation of “cultural shock”. It is usually carried out in one-two weeks prior to the beginning of studies and about 5 days last. During orientation, students foreigners are given an opportunity to attend the seminars devoted to educational policy, the immigration legislation, and also the ways allowing students to accustom to the new environment. Also, in college 2 research supervisors who will help all beginning foreign students of Seneca of college with the solution of any academic questions constantly work. It is possible to address them during training in college at any time.
For entry into Canada and transfers in college it is necessary to get permission to study. On obtaining permission to study in Embassy of Canada it is necessary to provide the missive on acceptance in college for filing of application. Detailed information on permission to study of students needs to be obtained in the Canadian Supreme commission or embassy of the country of your accommodation. The list of their arrangements, and also further information on training in Canada it is available on the website of the Government of Canada to the following address: <>.
To learn more about college, how to come to it, to obtain full information, visit us on If additional information is necessary for you or you have questions, please, write to us on the e-mail address  We wait for you!
Statistically foreign students choose Seneca College more often than any other college in Canada. Every year here more than 2000 foreign students from more than 75 countries are trained. In total – 17 800 students.

Seneca Cellege was founded in 1967. Today it is the largest college of Canada which is sponsored and it is accredited by the state. 8 campuses of Seneca are located in the largest the city of Canada, Toronto, and in its suburb. Foreign students can choose one of 160 various degree programs, and also one of 10 programs of receiving degree of the bachelor. And for students who already graduated the college offers certificates of postdegree education and specialized training programs.

Why to choose Seneca College?
One of the main objectives of any program of training of college is preparation of shots, already ready to work. 94.3% of employers are very happy (VERY SATISFIED) work of the graduates of Seneca employed by them.
Occupations take place in groups from 30 to 40 people that guarantees attention to each student. Recent poll showed – more than 95% of students of Seneca would advise training in this college to the relatives and acquaintances.
Annually the college spends millions of Canadian dollars for maintenance and improvement of campuses, their audiences, hostels, libraries, laboratories, hardware and other infrastructure. So, for example, today more than 5000 modern computers are at the disposal of students.
Why Toronto?
·    One of the most multinational cities of the world – there live 4,5 million people.
·    It is located on the bank of Lake Ontario – excellent opportunities for rest and entertainments.
·    Every day there is something interesting – musical and theater festivals, cultural and sporting events and so on.
·    Environmentally friendly and safe city.
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