SAE Institut – School of Audio Engineering, Dubai

SAE Institut–School of Audio Engineering
SAE Institut–School of Audio Engineering

SAE Institut – (School of Audio Engineering) – the world’s largest educational institution on training of specialists in the field of audio, cinema and multimedia – was created in October, 1976. The SAE Institute provides the programs directed to vocational training, the academic programs on obtaining diplomas and educational programs in the field of audio equipment, digital cinema, interactive animation, programming of games and multimedia. The school offers programs of the bachelor, the master, the doctor, also at school there is a preparatory course. Education in SAE Institut, a campus in Dubai, is study in the largest private international organization in the field of multimedia, cinema, audio equipment, etc. Musical industry, Cinema, Animation, Digital Journalism, Graphic Web Design. Be registered now and get an education in the largest cities of the world, including in Dubai.
Why it is necessary to choose SAE?
SAE lays the foundation of knowledge for purposeful and productive work in any of the chosen branch of study
SAE the pioneer in the field of introduction of a method of the training known as “focused on practice”
SAE possesses the unique techniques applied in educational process more than 30 years
SAE offers programs with the accelerated training format
SAE limits the number of the arrived students for the purpose of increase in individual attention for everyone
SAE invites teachers – the leading branch experts
SAE is an opportunity for each student to move from one campus to another worldwide
SAE supports the international programs of employment for graduates
SAE has active association of graduates for rendering the additional help to all students
SAE offers programs of Online training for students from a magistracy and to doctoral studies
SAE graduates were put forward nominated to various nominations and received a set of the international awards
SAE are the qualifications using internal and international recognition
SAE continues to establish partnership with leading universities worldwide

Why Dubai?

Dubai is the main center of education in the Middle East.

Several best world universities have representations in Dubai.
The sector of mass media of Dubai became the witness massive growth within the last decade and it was the new center of mass media in the region of the Middle East and North Africa.
Study and life in Dubai are rather cheaper, than in Europe or the United States. The cost of training and accommodation are very economic in comparison with the Western world.
Dubai is very hospitable and safe city.

Dubai is the city in which one of the most fast-growing economies in the world is observed.
Dubai is the dynamic and cosmopolitan city with the multicultural environment that represents unique experience for life and study.
The Dubai Institute offers SAE practical industry programs in audio, multimedia, film production and Interactive Entertainment. Also SAE Institut offers programs for the following directions:
– Audio Engineering
– Film production
– Digital journalism
– Animation
– Multimedia
Audio Engineering

* Bachelor of audio-production
* SAE-Tonmeister (masters of Level)
Film production

* Bachelor of film production
* Diploma of digital journalism

Digital animation

* Bachelor of interactive animation


* Bachelor applied Multimedia

Cost of programs:

Program Duration Digital journalism
Multimedia or Animation 24 months AED 116,900
Audio Engineering or Film production 24 months AED 116,900
Digital journalism 12 months AED 62.600

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