Manhattanville College, Purchase, NY

manhattanville main building
manhattanville main building

Manhattanville College, Purchase, NY
Manhattanville College is a co-educational College
Founded in 1841
Location: Purchase (population 80.000) NY. 28 miles from the New York City.
Climate: temperate, all seasons
Nearest airport: International JFK.

Number of students: 1250 students — 3% international students
Teachers\students ratio: 101

Accommodation: different types of hostels is for freshmen, joint

Equipment:computer centre, Internet, emailing, computerised library, a laboratory, a swimming pool, fitness, perfect conditions for sports centres for extracurricular activities, centers to assist students, women’s Center, tennis court, Justice Center.

Program: 3D animation, art, biology, chemistry, computers, choreography, economics, education, English, French, Spanish languages, management, music, philosophy, politics, sociology, Theatre.

Diploma: Bachelors Degree

Features of College: a small number of students per class; all teachers have a degree, many teachers live in the campus of the University, which gives the opportunity to provide additional academic support to students; internship in such prestigious companies as UN, Chase Bank, Museum of art, the city administration.

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