Magistracy abroad in the English-speaking countries

Postdegree education abroad
Postdegree education abroad

Magistracy abroad in the English-speaking countries
The system of the higher education in the English-speaking countries differs in flexibility, and programs of training differ as on duration, and content. Equally it belongs both to a bachelor degree, and to a magistracy.
Frame of training programs of masterful (master) level is made by so-called degree programs (“sedate” programs) upon termination of which the master’s degree is appropriated. In the different countries duration of these programs is various – in Great Britain and Ireland 1-1,5 years, in the USA and Canada 1-1,5, and sometimes and 2 years.
Along with good academic (bachelor’s degree) and language (IELTS or TOEFL tests) indicators for revenues to master programs entrants from not the English-speaking countries need to show a personal and professional maturity, a clear understanding of the career aspirations. Applications have to be followed by the detailed and substantial motivational letter and, at least, two recommendations. If at the time of submission of documents the entrant already has an experience on a profile, then recommendations to it are made by one of his university teachers and the employer. If there is no experience yet, give professor of university at which the applikant was trained.
The business focused programs and large number of other programs demand representation of results of the GMAT and/or GRE tests.
It is well-known that the student is more senior, the more difficult to him to adapt to the alien academic environment. Along with language, there are also purely psychological barriers, a misunderstanding complex, fear of mistakes. To give the chance to the entrant to bring the English to the necessary level and to overcome adaptation complexes, many western higher education institutions practice special preparatory programs for future masters – Pre-Masters. Here, during a semester or the academic year, students can “tighten” if necessary the language and “grow” into the western system of the higher education. Separate higher education institutions went further away – in education the so-called specialized Pre-Masters programs – Pre-LLM, (for future experts in the right), and Pre-MBA appeared (for entrants of the business focused programs). Besides, there is an opportunity to study separate disciplines which will be profile for future academic specialization of the entrant.
Foreign practice shows that not all entrants have an opportunity “to stay behind a school desk” all program before receiving degree of the master. The reasons can be different, for example, constraint in time and/or means. Taking into account it the western higher education institutions offer the special programs shortened on duration and content after training at which, students receive not masterful degree, but the diploma or the certificate.
Programs of the masterful Postgraduate Certificate Programs and Postgraduate Diploma Programs level belong to such programs. The received volume of knowledge is confirmed by the corresponding certificate or the diploma. In the future for the student the right to return to training that, already having the certificate or the diploma, to come for receiving degree of the master remains.
Separately there are programs for the practicing managers (Executive Programs). Dream of any middle manager – the fastest realization of the career ambitions. For many of them the best means of achievement of it is degree of the Master of business administration (Master of Business Administration, MBA). It is well-known, nevertheless, that MBA is something long. Business schools made here a compromise, having created “clones” of MBA and others the popular business focused sedate programs, specially focused on “workaholics” from business. Unlike usual full-time courses of Executive Programs combine evening lessons on weekdays and day on days off. Emphasis is placed on independent work, and, and “in a class” and “out of a class” training goes in very intensive mode. Having scored the necessary quantity of credit points, the student receives the corresponding certificate or degree.
Duration of training at master programs makes 1 year in Great Britain and Ireland, 1-1,5 years in Canada and from 1 to 4 years in the USA.
Documents for transfer on master programs are accepted no later than 6-8 months before estimated date of their beginning (terms depend on the chosen university and specialty).
Magistracy in English at universities of Europe – a magistracy in Europe
Receiving master degree in the European countries has indisputable pluses for many young Russians: the cost of programs, rather inexpensive in comparison with Great Britain or America (in Germany, Sweden, Norway and Finland many master programs in general free), free movement in the Schengen area and geographical proximity to Russia. Also the fact that the prevailing part of master programs is taught in English is important.
Courses of national languages are offered by many higher education institutions also for a symbolical payment or is free.
The training period in the European magistracy from 1,5 to 2,5 years (depending on specialty). As well as for revenues to baccalaureate programs, there are no entrance examinations at revenues to the European magistracy. Estimation of entrants happens on the basis of a competition of documents. Standard requirements, for arriving on master programs, are existence of the higher profile education (bachelor degree), and also the appropriate level of knowledge of English confirmed with certificates of IELTS or TOEFL, in some cases the additional GMAT or GRE tests confirming the academic knowledge can be required. For some humanitarian specialties initial knowledge of national language (France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland) can be required.
Certainly, requirements to each entrant entering the MA course are much more tough, than at revenues to baccalaureate programs. Not only the academic abilities, but also level of a personal maturity of the student are checked. For this purpose universities demand to prove the choice in the motivational letter, to provide the summary, letters of recommendation of professors and/or employers. A number of master programs in the most prestigious areas (business, business administration) are only paid, however, and in this case their cost can be lower in comparison with the cost of similar programs in the English-speaking countries
Documents for transfer on master programs are accepted no later than 6 months before estimated date of their beginning.

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