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Name of educational institution
Language Systems International
Alhambra, Los Angeles,  (Orange County), Torrance
+1 (213) 986 – 4291
+1 (213) 385 – 7908
Description of educational institution
Language Systems International
The language school Language Systems International (LSI) is founded in 1987 for the purpose of rendering services in training in language. The special attention occupies process of teaching English as foreign language to the international students in communicative, and also in the educational environment concentrated on the student. The language school LSI provides high-quality programs which help to develop language skills of students, and also to strengthen self-confidence during communication in English, both in an educational situation, and in the professional sphere.
Our language school, Language Systems International, provides educational conditions which help students to join the English-speaking environment successfully. Language Systems International acquaints students with educational approaches which are accepted in higher educational institutions of the United States of America. Besides, Language Systems helps students with development of the main skills of thinking, reading, the letter, understanding aurally, and also skills of effective communication in English.
The language school Language Systems International is located in South California with cases in 4 cities: Los Angeles, Alkhambra, Plasentiya (Orange County), and Torrance. Distance between cases – from 19 to 50 kilometers. Cases Los Angeles and Alkhambra – the closest to each other. Other educational buildings approximately in 40 kilometers from each other.
Each educational case is located in location, unique for itself. Nearby there are various sights and many cultural entertainment complexes. One of the most popular sights which are on proximity of the case in Los Angeles is a Star Path in Hollywood, Grauman the Chinese movie theater, and movie комплес Universal Studios.
Nearby cases in Alkhambre are such higher educational institutions as the Californian State University of the city of Los Angeles (California State University at Los Angeles), City College in Pasadena (Pasadena CityCollege).
In Torrance students have a magnificent opportunity to visit shopping and entertainment centers. Also, near the case there are unique beaches and parks.
The case also is in Plasentiya (Orange County) near the known Californian coasts, but the most known sight is cultural entertainment complexes Disneylend and Nots Berri Farm which are only in several minutes of driving from the case.
Besides, Language Systems International in assistance with the student’s organization for provision of housing (United States Student Services), helps students to find the convenient place of residence near the educational case. Students have also an opportunity to live in the American family during training in Language Systems that increases an opportunity to improve the language skills in shorter time.
Features of Language Systems International
Language school Language Systems International – the unique educational institution is also directly characteristic of receiving quality language education the following advantages:
Various language programs
Programs of English – 7 levels
·    · Basic English – 18 hours a week
·    · The strengthened English – 24 hours a week
·    · Intensive English – 36 hours a week
·    · Colloquial English and reduction of accent
·    · Business a course (in the project)
Programs of preparation for tests
·    · TOEFL course
·    · TOEIC course
·    · GMAT/GRE (in the project)

Available training
Language Systems offers training in English for students from various countries for very reasonable prices. Available training allows students to finish a training course with self-confidence and satisfaction in the knowledge of English.
Big Discounts are offered those students who take two programs at the same time. For bigger information, please, contact us.
Cooperation with higher educational institutions
Language Systems International has the mutual agreement with many educational institutions which are near educational LSI cases – Mutual Recognition Program (MRP). The program of mutual cooperation means conditions when students of Language Systems can arrive in below the listed colleges of the USA without passing an examination of TOEFL. Besides, students can also begin to attend classes in college parallel to occupations of English.
The colleges cooperating with us can prepare the letter on transfer for students who are going to come to one of the below-specified colleges of the USA after the termination Language Systems International.
Colleges of the USA:
·    Pasadena City College
·    Glendale Community College
·    Cerritos College
·    Los Angeles Trade Technical College
·    Santa Monica College
·    West Los Angeles College
·    East Los Angeles College
·    Cypress College
·    Fullerton College
·    Orange Coast College
·    El Camino College
·    Los Angeles Harbor College
Convenient schedule
Language Systems offers convenient lesson schedule.
Students can choose a morning, day, or evening school. Besides, students can also visit 2 courses at the same time to improve knowledge of English in short school hours.
The student’s consultants speaking different languages
Our consultants can give help, having answered in language, native for the student. Our student’s consultants speak the following languages:
·    English
·    Chinese
·    Russian
·    Portuguese
·    Spanish
·    German
·    French
·    Thai
·    Turkish
·    Korean
·    Ukrainian
·    Japanese
Various school actions
Language Systems International regularly organizes various actions for students: installation of cinema with our movie group, celebration of the Hawaiian holiday of Luau (Luau) and Halloween, and also annual sports soccer, basketball and volleyball competitions.
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