Dublin Business School, Ireland

Dublin is not only the capital of Ireland, but also the center of business, policy and education. The population of Dublin makes 1 million people, but annually there comes a large number of foreign students who are attracted by universities and colleges, the friendly atmosphere and a possibility of employment.

Business school in Dublin (DBS) — one of the leading independent schools offering professional education at the university level. Graduates of school often win awards and prizes at various professional competitions. The atmosphere at school international. The skilled staff of school helps students to accustom to new life, to achieve the maximum academic results. DBS consists of four different schools: Professional, International, School of Art and Business school. Together these schools offer a huge number of courses and programs: accounting, anthropology, consulting services, culture, economy, personnel administration, information technologies, marketing, psychology and many other things. The school is located in the center of Dublin in one of the most brisk areas between Grafton Street and Ondzher Street. It is one of the most brisk and quickly growing districts of the city where the cafe is a lot of, the museums, restaurants, theaters and libraries. The school conducts training in many directions. The business school offers such programs as: accounts department, marketing, information technologies, advertizing, public relations, management and many other things. At School of Arts you can choose one and following directions: cinematography, psychology, economy, culture, literature, drama, anthropology, psychoanalysis and so on.

Programs with assignment of degree of the Bachelor for Business (BA in Business Studies):

Theory of business *, Management Accounts department and finance, Marketing, Management and information technologies

Duration: 3 years, * 4 years

Features: The Diploma of Liverpool John Moore is issued? s University

3-month training in the companies on a last year.

Programs with assignment of degree of the Bachelor for Art (Bachelor Degree in Arts)

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Anthropology

Duration: 3 years

Programs with assignment of the National certificate:

Theories of business, Computer technologies, Marketing, Accounts department

Duration: 2 years

Feature: programs are recommended to graduates of the Russian schools (i.e. having the certificate) with good knowledge of English.

The program Preparatory year (Foundation Year) trains foreign students for transfer on the certified and degree programs, a bachelor degree and programs of professional development. Students intensively learn a foreign language, gain necessary skills and get acquainted with the main objects of business.

Preparatory year lasts from 3rd to 6 months depending on individual level of proficiency in English.

Training consists of 6 levels, to each level there corresponds one semester. At the 6th level the student receives the certificate corresponding to TOEFL or IELTS after final testing.

Professional degree programs:

Diploma in marketing, advertizing and PR, Diploma in business and computer technologies

Duration: 1 year.

Features: programs are recommended to everyone who does not have special preparation for obtaining professional skills in the areas interesting them.

Programs with assignment of degree of the Master in business (Master of Business Studies):

Theory of business

Duration: 12 months, including 4 months of the paid training.

Programs with assignment of degree of the Master in art (Master of Arts)

Psychoanalysis (clinic and researches) *, Anthropology, Psychological dependence

Duration: 1 year, * 2 years

Features: are recommended for the experts having vocational education on psychology.

Postdegree education: The theory of business, Information technologies, Human resource management, Commerce in electronic business

Duration: 1 year

Features: The program is approved by Higher Education and Training Awards Council (HETAC).

Programs are recommended to the students who already have the higher education for acquisition of professional skills in business.

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