Albright College – Reading, Pennsylvania

albright college
albright college

Albright College, Reading, PA.
Albright College is a private coeducational college
Founded in 1856 (bottoms — Sixth United States College)
Location: on 110 acres of land, Reading (population-110.000) Pennsylvania
Climate: temperate, season 4
Nearest city: Philadelphia
Number of students: 1350 students — 5% international students
Teachers and students ratio: 121
Accommodation: different types of hostels is for freshmen, for boys, for girls, joint
Equipment: computer centre, Internet, emailing, computerised library, a laboratory, a swimming pool, health club, fitness, radio station, perfect conditions for sports activities, centres for extracurricular activities, student aid, choir, Theatre Studio, a women’s Center.

Preparatory programs: Dentistry, law, medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine.

Combined programs: anthropology, artificial intelligence, communication, forensics, digital technologies, environment, music, optics, physics, theatre, women’s role in society.

Special programs: art history, biological anthropology, film production, the program to students undecided in their choice of profession, Internship and training in other colleges. Strong programs in business, environment, psychology, training programmes in medicine and law.

Diploma: Bachelors Degree
Features of College: the benefits of learning in a small private University is a flexible schedule, friendships between teachers and students.

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