Aidan College, Lavey-Village, Switzerland

Aidan College
Aidan College

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Aidan College



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Description of educational institution

Aidan College
Located in French-speaking part of Switzerland, the Aidan college creates the unique environment directed to stimulation of intellectual needs of students. A language course and accommodation in families of French-speaking families give an impetus to your future career, at the same time expanding the horizons. It is an ideal opportunity to carry out from one to three semester 11 weeks long in encirclement of the tremendous Alps in the heart of Europe.
Whether the Aidan college suits you?
The Aidan college is the structured program helping to develop both intellectually, and physically, but whether it is suitable for you? Ask yourself the following questions:

You want to push development of the career?
You look for opportunities for expansion of prospects in the fields of education and works?
You are going to be trained for receipt in foreign university and to bring the English to perfection?
You in yourself would like to develop such qualities how an ingenuity, critical thinking, ability to solve problems, flexibility, initiative, efficiency and leadership?
You want to work on questions of global value, having made efforts for the embodiment in life of solutions of one of problems, or having offered own?
You want to follow the requirements, being guided by the program which is picked up especially for you?
Whether you had to dream ever of participation in expedition on research of tremendous mountains, rivers and lakes of Switzerland?
Whether it is interesting to you to plunge completely into French and to follow feature of culture, having stopped in the Swiss family?
You look for friends from all over the world?
And whether, at last, you consider yourself motivated, vigorous, open, curious and purposeful?

If you answered positively on several or everything from these questions, then the Aidan college can be the ideal environment for stimulation and expansion of your qualities in the conditions of the fine Alpine nature in the company of adherents from around the world. Pay attention to our program and join on one, two or three semester 11 weeks long and load a form of filing of application right now!
Program of Aidan college:
Academic courses
Each semester students of Aidan sign up for 4 academic courses, each of which includes one hour seminar a week assuming a small task. It can include reading, the composition or practice. It becomes for the only purpose expansions of the cogitative horizons, and also for carrying out own research in the future.
modern languages, classic languages, literature, various humanitarian objects, mathematics and natural sciences, fine arts and personal development. You can address our website for specification of the detailed list of courses on each semester (
Students plan the study: as an alternative to above-mentioned objects, students can choose a training vector for independent occupations. Having focused on a certain subject, each student devotes himself to research work. It is possible to refer to the same category also the courses leading to obtaining any qualification (such as TOEFL, for example).
Call to a global problem: parallel to studying of the main objects students are given the chance to be focused a solution of the problem of global value. They are divided into small groups for development of a certain subject and the solution of one of global problems which stream never runs low. Environment, education, health care, economy, the global conflicts etc. are distinguished from areas of research.
Students in Aidan try to apply the researches in real life, critically reflecting over the processes happening in the world.
Seminars and lectures: students of Aidan weekly visit a course of lectures which subjects are extremely various and allow to define tendency to any concrete fields of knowledge.
Events and actions: during the day students of Aidan have an opportunity to participate in various actions among which there are campaigns, skiing, rock-climbing, research of caves, driving the mountain bicycle, riding so further. Expeditions to the Alps which are followed by a large number of various cultural actions will constantly be organized.
Language course: additional French language courses, since the beginner level and finishing intermediate, are available during the whole year. For the same who wants to plunge completely on language Wednesday placement is provided in French-speaking families.
Dates of a semester: all courses are taught in English, except for additional language programs. Academic year in college is divided into 3 semester for 11 weeks in everyone: Students spend 10 weeks in college and one – on a trip across Europe.
Receipt conditions: students who were 17 years old at the time of receipt and who have secondary education can come to Aidan college. Students are enlisted on the basis of the certificate about secondary education which granting is necessary.
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