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History Stamford International University
In the cooperation with Stamford International College (founded in 1950 in Singapore and Malaysia) the similar university educational institution in Thailand was organized on November 29, 1995. On Palm Hills Golf Resort in the city of Hua Hin (Hua Hinn). Within 13 years is a university educational institution offered students from more than 23 countries of Asia, Europe and America the international education according to high standards.
On February 14, 2000 Stamford International University united with the American Schiller International University, according to the academic agreement, and became known as Schiller-Stamford International College. Schiller International University completely accredited university in Florida and also has campuses in England, France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland. The main goal of the agreement consisted in providing to Thai and international students in Stamford, Hua Hin opportunity to be trained in any of 8 campuses of Schiller in Europe and the United States, through the educational programs abroad offered according to the agreement on an exchange of students between these two universities.
For these years the institute grew and developed, and, at last, on May 26, 2004 became completely autonomous university.
Understanding the growing requirements of the international education in Thailand and Asian region, Stamford International University decided to open the campus in Bangkok. Occupying the space in 10,5 hectares, this campus consists of 3 majestic and modern buildings. One building is now open and as soon as the campus is put completely in operation, it will be able to accept and place about 8 thousand students.
As it is already told above, Stamford International University has two campuses – in Hua Hinn and Bangkok.
The main (main) campus is located in Hua Hinn, in the territory of Cha Am – area from is unique the developed buildings for the academic and inhabited purposes. The campus is located in the picturesque place with a natural and beautiful landscape surrounded with mountains and nearby to the Gulf of Thailand. The campus is part of the resort of Palma Hills Golf Resort and therefore includes in the structure a golf course, the building of big sports club. This campus is in 168 km from Bangkok.
The new campus of Stamford International University in Bangkok has is unique the developed buildings for the academic purposes, including the Center of Doctoral studies. The campus is conveniently located between the new International Airport Suvarnabhumi of Bangkok and the city of Bangkok.
Education in Stamford International University
The Stemfordsky curriculum was specially developed for needs of today’s business world. Stamford International University offers programs of a bachelor degree for the Management direction (Accounting, Finance, Management of Information Systems, the International Business, Management and Marketing).

Also university Business Communication, Communication in Art, Management of Hospitality and Tourism, and also degree of Science and Equipment in the direction of Information Technologies offers programs for receiving degrees of the Humanities for the direction.
Stamford International University is allocated:
– highly skilled teachers
– modern curriculum
– personal program for each student
– modern services
– student’s sports leisure.
Stamford International University offers 12 directions (on receiving degree) at three faculties.
Faculty of Business Administration (B.B.A.)
• Accounting
• Finance
• Management of Information Systems
• International Business
• Management
• Marketing
• Management of Business of Airlines
Faculty of Liberal Arts (B.A.)
• Training in English
• Communication in art
• Management of Hospitality and Tourism
Faculty of Science and Technology (B.Sc.)
• Information Technologies
• Computer Animation
Having joined innovative programs on receiving degree of the certified specialist, you will be prepared for the most strict requirements at employment and growth of career, will be the best in the business with acquaintance of the last know-how. Stamford International University offers 2 degrees for the international students in campuses of Bangkok and Hua Hinn.
Course – International Programs
• Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
• M.B.A. – Hotel and Tourism Management (M.B.A. – HTM)
FIMBA – Full-time International M.B.A. – Main Features:
1. Termination of the annual course M.B.A. (consisting of 3 semester).
2. Classes are given on weekdays (Monday through Friday).
3. On Tuesdays and Thursdays the English STEP-BY-STEP program (3-month-old English programs, costing in addition 5 400 Thai baht). This program is obligatory for students with the low IELTS/TOEFL/PLACEMENT TEST Scores level.
4. Transportation
FIMBA – Full-time International M.B.A. – it is carefully developed program which seeks to avoid excess overloads in educational process at students, but thus allows them to finish the whole course during 1 year. Students who are engaged in all recommended subjects, do not skip class, will be able to end a course and to receive the degree of MBA within a year without any problems. Occupations are constructed in such a way that students are concentrated on 1 subject a day, 5 times a week. In other days students freely can independently be engaged, conduct various student’s works in groups, etc.
Course duration: 1 year.
Classes are given Monday through Friday.
Semester: 3 semester for 4 months everyone. Semester begin in February, June and October.
Reception on a course is closed in 20 days prior to the beginning of each semester.
The faculty gets out according to knowledge of the student and experience in the field.

Program of English: All students who not fully can well express, do not understand something, have to will to pass surely occupations of the Step-by-step Stemfordsky Full English program (Stamford Total English Program), during their main training. Are always glad to the students having desires to help with development of skills of English in Stamford International University.
Step-by-step occupations – the auxiliary, morning, two-hour classes given on Tuesdays and Thursdays within 3 months. To students who did not have enough this time, will be able to continue occupations within even next 3 months.
All students who ended MBA Stamford International University in a campus of Bangkok have the right for the educational trip across Thailand which is completely sponsored by University.
Training cost in Stamford International University
Student’s programs (the cost is over 9 semester or 3 academic years)

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