Weaving from a rod

Weaving from a rod – traditional trade becomes not only popular, but also very priyobylny business again. From gratuitous natural material: prutyyoev, branches, a rod, a cane and even straw it is possible to make great variety of useful and beautiful things: from mushroom baskets to graceful caskets and openwork furniture which stoyoit very expensively – handwork! Today the wicker furniture from a willow can decorate houses of people with the most different prosperity and situation, with any taste and lifestyle. It equally excellently looks both in expensive mansion, and in the usual city apartment. And matter not only in esthetic advantages, but also in remarkable qualities of a wicker furniture from a willow. From a willow rod produce the most various pieces of furniture. It both cozy rocking-chairs, and small little tables, and pleasant stools, and chairs. The set of country furniture, for example, can consist of a wicker furniture from a willow completely, introducing unique color in a country house. In addition, the wicker furniture from a willow is made completely of environmentally friendly material that is important for those who aspire to comfortable and healthy life. The wicker furniture from a willow is completely safe in operation, is convenient both for adults, and for children. First of all, to be engaged in this business the raw materials are necessary. Willow rods can be prepared at all seasons of the year. Rods which are intended for an okoreniye usually prepare in the spring before gardening and in the summer at the end of July during a sokodvizheniye. The Neokorenny rod is prepared late fall or at the beginning of winter when rods goals, without foliage, prepared for wintering. Sort the cut-off rods by length, thickness, and also by quality. Rods are considered to be short if their length does not exceed 100 cm. On thickness at komlya they have to be 5 – 7 mm. Average rods are equal respectively on length of 100 – 150 cm, on thickness of 8 – 10 mm. Long rods have length of 150 – 200 cm and more, thickness at komlya – 15 mm. Okorenny rods dry, as a rule, on the sun right there at preparation within 3 – 4 hours. Then connect in bunches and finally dry 2 – 3 days. Neoradical or at once put on use, or okoryat after cooking within 30 – 60 minutes (to cook longer there is no sense as wood darkens). A ratio of the sizes of rods depending on on what we are going to use them in a product, approximately following. For struts (the rods making a framework of baskets and other products) select rods with a small core, direct, rather short. They are selected such length which would correspond to height chosen by us baskets, vases, etc. plus the allowance in good time left on fixing of a strut in a bottom or on a hoop at a rim zapleteniye. So, diameter of a strut is usually twice more than diameter of the rods going on walls or is almost equal to them. Diameter of an obruchevy stick is 2 – 2,5 times thicker than diameter of a strut. Diameter of the rod going on the basket handle is more than diameter of strut by 1,5 – 2 times. The number of struts at continuous weaving has to be odd, at openwork – even. The distance between struts has to be equal to about a sum of 5 – 6 of their diameters. Strut length at a round basket usually makes 1,5 diameters of the basket plus 12 cm. Strut length at an oval basket is equal 1,5 width of a basket plus its length. The hoop of a round basket on length is equal 3,14 width of a basket plus the doubled difference between length and width of a product, and also still plus 12 – 15 cm. Length of the rod going for weaving of a wall usually makes 0,7 – 0,8 lengths of a hoop. Length of the handle of a basket is usually equal 3,14 radiuses its plus of 15 cm. Length of a braid of the handle exceeds length of the handle approximately by 2,5 times. Sizes these approximate. In practice they can be others. But the knowledge of these ratios will allow to be prepared for work better. Necessary material is prepared in advance. Rods in the course of work have to be flexible (that is they have to be bent on 180 ° without breaking). If they dry, then kill them. Technology of rod network. Rods of a willow and a rod allow to do a set wattled a product depending on what different types of weaving can be used. Most often in each of them several types are combined at once. Simple weaving. Simple weaving is used most often as a basic element of production of various hand-made articles. Having mastered skills of simple weaving, it will be easier for you to pass to openwork. Pletenka. To this type of weaving there correspond several definitions: simple, direct and pletenka. As material rods, plates, shanks and tapes can be used. The principle of weaving is rather simple: horizontal ranks braid vertical, or, in other words, rods bend around stoyachka. First of all, choose with what material you will work. Depending on it it will be necessary to arrange correctly stoyachka. The distance between them has to be equal to width of 2-3 strips of material. When weaving it is important to watch that strips did not turn over other party still. The simplest pletenka is carried out by one rod which bends around each stoyachok alternately from the different parties. Fix the rod which ended when weaving behind a stoyachka, from the inside fix a new rod and continue by it weaving. To execute simple weaving on a circle, it is required to you for weaving to insert odd quantity of stoyachok into a block. So your weaving will be steadier. If you already hammered even quantity of stoyachok into a block, execute a pletenka in two rods, that is a pletenku-shakhmatka. For this purpose the fixed rod round in front at once two a stoyachka. Then the same rod round two a stoyachka, only behind too. That drawing of weaving turned out contrast, for work use rods of two flowers, alternating them so that squares of different flowers replaced each other. Simple spiral weaving which represents a combination of methods of weaving is a little more difficult carried out. The quantity of stoyachok is here too fixed: 15 stoyachok fall on each two rounds of weaving. Depending on it the pattern also pays off. The pattern is carried out as follows: braid with a simple pletenka in one rod 5 stoyachok, and then in front round following three. The subsequent ranks trudge so that overlaps formed one continuous chain twisting a product from all directions. String. This rather strong weaving, is most often used in combination with a simple pletenka. For work you will need to establish odd quantity of stoyachok and whenever possible to pick up long rods that it was possible to begin and finish a row with the same rod. For weaving from the inside fix by a string in two rods the first rod, round them a stoyachok and remove in the following opening. Then stretch the fixed second rod under an external round of the first rod and round those the following stoyachok over the left first rod. Let’s investigate weaving by a string in 3 rods. The first rod round 2 stoyachka at once, then from under it remove a vtor oh a rod and from above round 2 more stoyachka then work with the third rod which has to go with an overlap over the first and second rods. Fir-tree. This type of weaving is carried out on the basis of a string. The principle of work is as follows. Weave a string out of two rods. The following row also consists of a string which trudges exactly the opposite. The lower rod of the second string in mirror display repeats the movements of the top rod of the first string. Realization of products. Let’s pass to where it is possible to realize the rocking-chairs and other products made by you. The best option if you in the city have a special shop selling goods of this sort. Then you are almost relieved of a problem of search of a sales market. If there is no such shop in your city, then it it does not matter. Moreover, it is even better as nobody in large quantities is engaged in sale of such production. Respectively, demand for your production will be high, especially if you live in the border city and to you often there come foreigners. For sale of your products it is possible to rent the place in the market and to begin to trade. Lack of the offer of similar goods will allow you to the first to sell it that, respectively, will affect your profit. Thus, business selling wattled products has every chance to bring in you the income. Lack of the offer in the market of similar goods does this business even more attractive.

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