Warning lights for wheels

According to US statistics, nearly 60% of bicycle accidents occur in collisions with motor vehicles bicycles. A fair amount of road accidents happen in the dark due to the fact that the driver of the vehicle just does not notice the bike. Just addressing velobaykerov visibility at night dedicated themselves to the guys from the project Revolights. It develops solutions for signal lighting bicycle wheels, which can be clearly seen from all sides. Two aluminum hoop with LEDs mounted on both sides of the wheel near the rim and rotating with the wheel. Thanks to the accelerometer, when driving LEDs are constantly on and off, so that light is strictly the front of the front wheels and the rear of the rear wheel of the bicycle. The front wheel is lit with white light, rear – red. Light from the LEDs is in the sides and back, working position lamp, as well as forward, lighting the way to velobaykerom no worse than ordinary lights. Revolights gets electricity from its own battery, which is charged before the trip. The plans of the founders – to implement charging systems on the go. In August 2011, the system was declared Revolights to find funding to support start-ups in the portal Kickstarter.com, already eight days the project has collected the requested $ 43.5 thousand. Ended fundraiser Sept. 27, 2011 in the amount of more than $ 215 thousand. These three investments California startups are going to put on the completion and assembly Revolights already the fifth version of the device. To bring the project up to readiness for sales they plan in the spring of next future. The estimated price illumination – $ 220. The team is now Revolights rebounding from accidental success on Kickstarter, and expects to receive a patent for signal lighting for bicycle wheels.

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