Vending air conditioning

Whether global warming, whether infinite craving people to comfort encourage enterprising citizens delight us with new solutions for personal climate control.

In addition to the collar-fan to cool overheated body helps vending air conditioning RenuZone now. However, their final frozen human this unit too will return to life.

Street vending heating and cooling machine was invented and built by Michael Micucci (Michael Micucci) from Atlanta (United States) with peers.

The idea is simple: RenuZone being languid with the summer heat or, conversely, not dressed for the weather and easily freezing man needs help, cooled him in the first case and warmed in the second.

You can do this in different ways, but the easiest and most pleasant- blow sufferer air suitable temperature.

To do this, vending air conditioning can chill the air, heating it and blowing on the client.

RenuZone has the appearance of a payment terminal with coin acceptor and four nozzles for airflow mode \”on the spot\”. Price raised blowing session assigned to $ 1.

This summer, the machine has been tested on visitors to the Zoo in Atlanta and based on the results of tests of its design will be optimized.

The creators felt that air conditioning will be demanded of the audience of mass events, such as concerts or sports entertainment, leisure parks, visitors

as well as idly walking guests ski resorts. It is reported that the partners intend to bring vending air conditioning until ready and start selling it early in the next future.

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