The door handle for legs

We more than once said that business of many businessmen is based on production of the goods and services solving some small daily vital problems. And this business idea which, according to experts, is a fruitful and free niche in a business area, just from this opera. It will be a question of the foot handle for doors. So obvious and at the same time brilliant idea. It came to group of young vigorous people to mind – to students from school of management at university in Minnesota. In 2010 they created own company under the name Forge (in translation the word means “to invent”, “think out”). Students defined the purpose of this company as follows – to find simple ideas for the solution of daily problems. In January, 2011 the Forge company started production of the device which received the name Toepener (from English “toe” – “a thumb on a leg” and “opener” – “opener”, “the device for opening”). This device is also the foot handle for doors. It is simple in use, fastens from below to a door and by that gives the chance to open a door by means of legs in the same way as it is done by means of hands. Inventors of the foot handle for doors told about by what they were guided, thinking out and starting production of these goods. First, this idea, undoubtedly, is connected with the fact that many people like to open a door, having pushed it with a leg. It is not really ethic and beautiful. In total differently, if the door is equipped with the foot handle. Secondly, thus it is possible to solve more important problems. The foot handle for doors is safe from the point of view of sanitation because it excludes direct contact of skin of a hand and the handle covered with microbes. Therefore Toepener can serve as excellent option for public places where doors open and closed by hundreds of people.

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