The cane keeping balance

balansiruyushaya trost
balansiruyushaya trost

Canes are intended for a support during walking and not only. Use of a cane improves balance of the patient, his stability, facilitates load of legs due to creation. additional point of support. There is a mass of kinds of a cane: telescopic, folding, with support of a different form, a cane with a secret, a cane umbrella, a cane chair, and also exclusive models of canes of handwork from a natural tree of valuable breed. The cane can be not only the assistant, but also a stylish accessory! But the main destination of a cane – nevertheless a support for walking, the elderly people and people who are restored after a serious illness and injuries use them. Despite all variety, canes possess one essential shortcoming – it is their instability. This large shortcoming does their use inconvenient for elderly people and disabled people. The Japanese designers of Cheng-Tsung Feng and Yu-Ting Cheng found a way how to make a cane steady. They thought up the cane keeping balance of “Balance Stick”. “Balance Stick” – the cane keeping balance is deprived of all shortcomings peculiar to other models – it is steady on steps, it does not need to be supported if necessary, it does not fall, can independently stand that releases hands of its owner. The cane keeping balance will not fall incidentally, so behind it it is not necessary to bend to lift it, it is steadier at rise on a ladder, so, is safer, it allows to release hands, so – is more comfortable. This its property which thought up to allocate a cane the Japanese designers, makes a cane the ideal assistant for elderly people and disabled people. Involuntarily there is a question how about it still nobody guessed?

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