The business plan on creation of online store

Popularity of Internet trade is rather big. The organization of online store, especially in the cities with expensive commercial real estate, certainly, much less expensive enterprise, than the organization of usual shop. Quite often, the experienced buyer comes to traditional shop only “to feel” goods then orders the same goods in online store with a considerable discount and delivery. And it is correct! Why to the buyer to overpay for others rent and expensive advertizing? There are two types of online store: – “pure” or classical online store; – online store as addition to traditional business (for example, to a real network retail or wholesales). For “fast start” of online store in the simplest option, certain office rooms, warehouses, the allocated Internet servers are not necessary. It is possible to manage quite the room in the apartment or an additional table in office room, rent of a virtual hosting, and to take away goods from warehouses of suppliers.
Costs of online store:
Purchase of the domain and hosting. Registration of the domain in the zone RU – 20 dollars the Hosting on the reliable, fast server, 500 MB, an unlimited traffic, PHP, MySQL, for a year – 100 dollars. Development of “cursor” of online store – 2000-5000 dollars. Is included design, design, programming, filling in the price goods, placement on the Internet.
Total, costs of online store: 2120-5120 dollars
At the first stage, the owner of shop can combine functions of the content manager (the manager who is responsible for filling of online store with goods, news, useful information and so forth) orders manager, administrator of online store, purchasing manager, accountant and even courier. Over time, to these positions it is desirable to employ certain performers. As an alternative I will employ own couriers, it is possible to use special courier services for delivery of goods on the city. Before creation of online store it is necessary to define the number of the potential buyers interested in purchase. Having carried out the detailed analysis of supply and demand, using for this purpose, for example, search results of Yandex and Yandeks Direkt statistics, it is possible “to grope” favorable commodity niches where demand exceeds the offer or offer in general is absent. Successfully chosen direction can make shop “gold”. In turn, the unsuccessful choice can result in total absence of orders, despite the competent organization and powerful advertizing.
Pluses and minuses.
Opening of “pure” online store at first sight the most low-cost and slabozavisyashchy way of business from external adverse factors. To it risks of increase of a rent, cancellation of the lease contract, reduction of prices of the goods which are stored in a warehouse are not terrible. The “pure” online store certainly has advantages, but mood like “expenses at least, and all del: made the website – and let’s trade” this article, most likely, will spoil. Actually, the online store is the quite expensive business requiring constant attention. Naturally, hereinafter in article the assumption is taken as a basis that the online store created “from scratch” is intended for lawful trade in legal goods. Trade in marginal goods (piracy audiovideo production, counterfeit documents forbidden by preparations and so forth) submits absolutely to other laws – here on-line short-lived shops remain out of competition and do not need recipes of a survival. Shortcomings of online stores in comparison with traditional (we will call them offline) are obvious. One absence at visitors of an opportunity to take goods in hands of what costs! But also advantages are quite considerable too. The main thing from them – electronic shops give the chance to react most flexibly to inquiries of the market and to offer the attractive prices, minimizing the costs. So, for example, the owner of “pure” online store does not need to rent expensive floor spaces, to contain big staff of service personnel (protection, cleaning, an excessive staff of sellers and so forth), to rent warehouses and to store considerable commodity stocks. Its floor spaces – pages of the website, and a warehouse – a package of contracts with reliable suppliers.
Clients and delivery
As well as in any retail trade business, the main asset of online store – client base. But also there are features. The buyers addressing to online stores not for the first time, – the people who are not spoiled at all and usually not creating illusions about the fact that their order will be delivered with a pizza speed. All perfectly understand that Internet Yomagazin’s seller does not sit on boxes with the necessary goods, and the courier does not “hoof” under a door, ready to dart off. The majority guess that the seller will need to order goods from one or several suppliers, to send the courier to them to a warehouse, and then he will go to the buyer. Therefore, whatever one may do, in an hour will not call your door. But buyers of online stores have the right to count on three things:
1. Timely delivery in reasonable time (on the second or for the third day), in the promised period.
2. A real possibility of delivery of the goods presented on an Internet show-window. Shop on that and electronic that in the catalog current state of the range was quickly displayed. It is worse not when the visitor spends time for registration of the application, wastes time for expectation, and it becomes clear that the chosen commodity position “temporarily is unavailable”. Such visitor will hardly address in goreyo shop once again.
3. The price (at least, without delivery), lower, than in traditional retail. The difference can be not really essential, but visitors of online stores consider that they pay with the expectation for purchase, more favorable from the financial point of view.
Buyers of online stores already got used that delivery costs money therefore about “free shipping” treat phrases with an irony element (clear that its cost in this case “is washed away” in the goods price). Therefore now the majority of shops registers delivery cost in the separate line (from the 2nd a dale. The USA for small-sized freight). It does not confuse buyers, and gives to shops the chance to declare lower prices in catalogs. The cost of delivery of large-size goods (for example, photocopiers or TVs) can make the 10th dale. The USA and more or “to be washed away” in the device price. But anyway the success waits only for those investors who seriously will approach inquiries of buyers and will pay special attention to infrastructure, but will not finish procedure of “start” of shop right after start of the effective website. Unlike educational and entertaining online projects in a case with on-line shop the main factor – not so much existence of the professional website and increase in attendance, how many growth of a stream happy with customer service. The secret of success of this enterprise is covered in the answer to the main issue: what to trade in? If the goods are demanded in the market and do not meet still strong competition, then online store – one of not the most expensive forms of the beginning of trade business. If this condition is not met, then even the most advanced form of the organization of trade will not lead the enterprise to success.

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