The anti-bacterial handle for a door

Hygiene Handle
Hygiene Handle

Having noticed that the service personnel in clinic not always wash hands with disinfecting solutions, the 31-year-old inventor Mat Roberts (Matt Roberts) constructed the antibacterial door handle of a special design intended especially for use in medical institutions. On a surface of “the hygienic handle” (Hygiene Handle) located 23 openings. When someone undertakes this handle to open a door, through these openings under pressure disinfecting gel is emitted. On the handle there is also a zone without openings with gel that the staff of hospital who, for example, bears documents in other office incidentally did not soil them. According to the inventor, his business idea of the antibacterial door handle will already be tested in two hospitals, and he hopes that shortly “hygienic” handles will be used everywhere, thanks to support of the National health service (NHS). The best and most effective way to prevent distribution of an infection – to watch purity of hands. In 2002 for the purpose of fight against infections in all hospitals of the country special gels for disinfection of hands began to be delivered. However, Mat who lives in the suburb of Bedkhemptone (County of Hampshire), is sure that very few people use these gels. “This idea of fight against infections when I was in hospital as the visitor came to my mind. I had enough time to observe people, and I saw that the few from them use gel from the dispenser hanging on a wall. And though there posters with various information are hanging everywhere, I do not think that someone really pays attention to them”, – Roberts says. Testing of “hygienic” handles showed that with their help people seven times more often disinfect the hands, than usually. The invention was tried in two establishments – in Hospital of the Queen Aleksandra (Koshem) and in Royal Hospital of the County of Hampshire (Winchester). Roberts who for development of the idea founded the Pure Hold company, speaks: “We test our antibacterial door handles in two hospitals, and comments on them very good. The management of clinics gave big support and took part in improvement and completion of design. With their help we could develop a product which not only is effective for fight against infections, but also is suitable for use in medical institutions. Results of tests were much better, than we expected. Also the invention assessment by the public was positive”. Responsible for prevention of infectious diseases Alexandra Mathew Richardson (Matthew Richardson) in Hospital of the Queen so spoke of the way offered by Richardson to fight against infections: “People do not realize that potentially dangerous bacteria are everywhere. When we are healthy, our immune system protects us. But it is very important to watch hygiene in hospital, our patients are much more vulnerable before viruses, than healthy people. The novelty will help personnel, to patients and visitors to observe hygiene. It is remarkable idea of the antibacterial door handle which thanks to the simplicity and efficiency made big impression on all of us”.

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