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domashnee muylo svoimi rukami
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Business of house soap manufacture – a unique find for the beginning businessmen: today the niche is rather free, with a minimum level of the competition. By estimates of experts, the market of production and sale of soap of handwork is captured only for 30%, therefore, more than a half of the market waits only for you. Practically everyone can open the home factory of soap manufacture today – it is worth only learning to create soap the hands. As practice shows, this process attracts with the ease, availability and simplicity, requiring only attention and creative approach. Moreover, the home mini-factory is more often it appears only the first step on the way to big business. Soap of house production possesses an unusual form, color filling. Such soap can be presented as a gift for the loved one and as it is pleasant to feel creation of hands, but not cars. To begin business of house soap manufacture, it will not be required to rent rooms, to engage employees and to acquire expensive office equipment. Appeal of house soap manufacture consists that there are no considerable capital investments, and at persistent work inevitably fast development. With own hand soap can be made in two different ways, each of which is in own way good and favorable:
1 Method:
It is required to you:
– Flavourless children’s soap which costs absolutely not much and can be bought it anywhere.
– Oils which you will use as a basis. The main requirement to them is a lack of a pungent and luscious smell (for example, sea-buckthorn, almond, camomile). They can be bought in all drugstores.
– Essential oils. What to choose, to you to solve, the benefit them now a huge number is on sale
– Usual water or grass broths.
– A filler, of course, at desire (the dried petals of flowers, a coffee thick, dried leaves, a dried peel etc.).
– Ware for a steam bath.
– Molds for soap are on sale in a great variety of forms and materials. It is possible to adapt for these purposes children’s molds, soap trays, caskets, generally, everything that has the intricate form or a surface.
Children’s soap should be put previously in the warm place to protect itself from soap dust which causes frequent sneezing. Then, soap is grated on a usual grater and mix it with a teaspoon of glycerin and 2-3 spoons of oils bases which warmed previously. All this mix is warmed on a steam bath, slowly stirring slowly and pouring in a small amount of warm water or herbs decoction – so soap will quicker melt. When mix becomes similar to dense dough, drip 10-12 drops of essential oil, but only be not overzealous! As, the seeming initially slight smell after soap hardens, can become sickening and luscious. Many are afraid to cook soap from shaving children’s as there can be as a result an unexpected result of a smell, but if you buy flavourless children’s soap, then you can not have for in vain spent time and money. After added oil, you can add food dyes, honey, a small amount of milk, be only not fond. If you decided to make soap with effect of a peeling, then now, just time to add a filler (oat flakes, coffee, clay, stones of berries, everything that is only necessary for you then all mix carefully is stirred and spreads on the molds prepared in advance. And, everything that to you was become – it is to wait a small amount of time and to pack it into usual food wrap. And further – use on health! The second way differs unless in the fact that instead of the children’s soap grated the ready soap basis which can be bought in special shops is applied. The basis can have own color or to be transparent, various producers and volumes, the most important is that the basis should have no separate smell. The soap basis, according to the characteristics – has no contraindications big than at children’s soap and a loss even it will not bring to microflora of the child, but cares with it will be much less, and variations of coloring and appearance of soap in several tens, and even thousands times more. Such basis of children’s soap will cost dearer, but its advantage in soap manufacture costs these means. So, gradually, by trial and error, you learn to cook exclusive soap with which you will please also yourself, both a family, and acquaintances. The soap made manually at the moment is especially appreciated the account of the ecological purity and to the fact that there is an opportunity to order or make soap which will become not just means of hygiene, but also ornament in the house. Because of it, most of soap makers, whose professional opportunities left far for a hobby framework, transformed the hobby in making constant profit, business and process of production of soap became complicated. Skilled soap makers prepare soap from scratch, that is not from a ready basis or soap shaving, and from fats, the caustic and calcinated soda. Laymans should not be engaged in such fundamental way of preparation and the calcinated soda is capable to cause considerable burns mucous or skin of hands if not to calculate with a dosage of this substance. Proceeding from they are you should not risk, and it is better to be guided by the principle – better what is simpler. We guarantee – results, in good sense of this word, shock even you! Interesting forms in the form of fruits fruit, animals, plants and even cakes, soft tone, unique smells and magnificent feelings – here what will make daily and most natural procedures of your relatives is more pleasant and even entertaining. And this happiness for any woman. Pass factory completely pays off already in the first one and a half – two months of work. Your guaranteed minimum income – 2500 dollars monthly. As for real earnings – one try to obtain level in 7000, others in 15000 dollars a month. Actually, the income can be limited only to market capacity, and it as you saw, very serious figure. On that it and your own business that the maximum income depended only on you.

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