Rug radiator from a heat

Even in not southern, but midlatitudes there are stuffy, too warm nights when it is difficult to fall asleep in the summer, and all night imaginations – only about a cool. Someone solves this trouble by means of the conditioner or the fan, someone goes to sleep on a balcony, someone stubborn tempers the organism heat. Now sufferers were come to the rescue by the Japanese company Kobayashi Pharmaceutical with the rug radiator urged to rescue the heated organism from an overheat for money, incomparable with the conditioner price. The rug the sizes of 90 x 70 cm can be laid on your bed under a sheet or to lay down on it directly so. Its feature – very correct polymeric gel filler with high heat conductivity. Just as metal scissors always seem cool to the touch, instantly taking away heat from fingers and cooling our skin, the rug radiator “selects” heat from a body and transfers to air, creating a pleasant cool for sleeping. The manufacturing company advises to store a rug radiator in the cool place, without insisting on cooling before use at all forbidding to put it in a deep freeze. Silent, the cooling Kobayashi rug which is not demanding expenses is already on sale in Japan at the price of 4200 yens (about 1500 rub), acting innovative and at the same time as the analog competitor to quite modern and digital conditioner.

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