Ring for shaving

Once long beards or whiskers were fashionable, and to men it was habitual to carry dense vegetation on a face, seldom deleting it by means of a shaving knife. Now, of course, any more not those times. Some part of girls, perhaps, overwhelming, prefers gladkovybrity man’s faces. One more part of girls loves figured small beards, and for certain the small part prefers to deal with bearded men. Anyway, the overwhelming number of men should have a shave if not daily, then every other day. It is all the same as teeth to clean. For this reason, knowing this vital need, enterprising producers introduce on the market various novelties for shaving. Here and machines with ultrafine edges with a silver covering, and five-bladed machines, and also various electric razors. At all, undoubtedly, the advantages. The Chinese designers of Xiang Qin, Yin Qin, Yiyan Ge & Xinxin Sun created a ring for shaving of Ring-shaver. The ring for shaving received an award of Red Dot Concept Award in 2010. This award is handed to projects of original design and the meeting requirements of modern life. The ring for shaving is very much and very compact razor in the form of the extended ring which is putting on on a finger. In comparison with ordinary safety razors and electric razors, the shaving ring is less and more flexibly therefore gives new opportunities of shaving. Power of rotation of the top part of a ring for shaving is regulated by means of the small button. Moreover, the shaving ring does not demand recharge, has effect of conservation of energy. Designers of this product are sure that a shaving ring in the future we will become irreplaceable on trips thanks to the ease and compactness, and also for men with rare vegetation on a face.

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