Restoration of bathtubs

Restoration of bathtubs is very perspective and demanded view of service. To begin this business you will not need big monetary investments, office and other expenses which usually arise when opening the business. In each apartment there is a bathtub. You can specialize in rendering services of restoration of a bathtub. Despite all evidence of a demand of this service – not everywhere there are experts who can help people to save, but also to make the work so that then it is not necessary to remake anew. The main consumers of service are inhabitants of “five-storey apartment blocks” and old houses: that is those people who do not want to break walls or doorways to pull out an old bathtub. Replacement of a bathtub – not the simplest procedure. To take out a pig-iron bathtub, efforts of at least four people will be necessary, services of loaders and the plumber will be required. There is a danger to damage a tile around a bathtub. And the main thing that in replacement of an old bathtub by domestic option worth 100-140 US dollars, there is no sense. If there was such need to replace, then only on a qualitative import bathtub. And domestic – only to restore! Of course, industrial process of enameling differs from “house”. On production the pig-iron bathtub is warmed until red and on an internal surface an even layer napylyat powder. Under the influence of temperature it melts and spreads, turning into enamel. But production enameling already served the lawful 15-20 years, and the pig-iron case of a bathtub – yet is not present. So it is simply a pity to throw out him.
Technology of restoration:
At first the internal surface of a bathtub is cleared of old enamel. For this purpose apply with a brush or a bast cleaning powder like “Pemolyuks” (but only not chlorine-containing structure) and directly on powder make careful cleaning by an abrasive stone. Also old enamel is smoothed out by means of nozzles on a drill. Then water wash away an abrasive crumb and a soap film. Smooth out a rust and roughnesses, and also carefully degrease a surface. Fill a bathtub with hot water for 5-10 minutes, then merge water and dry wipe not fleecy fabric. Upon termination of a preparatory work the bathtub has to be dry, smooth and slightly opaque. After that prepare working structure (mix a hardener and enamel). In case the bathtub becomes with a shade, the color is added. Put the first layer of enamel (primer).
Allow to dry out (10-15 minutes).
Put the second layer of enamel.
Soil-enamel it is developed especially for a covering of the sanitary equipment. It is made of components of production of Germany, Finland, Russia. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for enamel till 7-8 years, under the correct service conditions. Enamel allows to achieve high-quality enameling in white color with luster. It is also possible to make a covering in color a saturation to pastel tones.
All process borrows, depending on complexity: primary enameling 2-3 hours, secondary (a covering of the bathtub covered earlier) 3-4 hours. Paint has to dry at a temperature of +23 °C. The surface is ready for operation in 4-5 days.
To put structure in two layers a flat brush from natural pile will lead you to better work. On the first layer no more than a half of enamel leaves. The second layer is put in 10-15 minutes. Keep in mind – smudges and bubbles are inadmissible! Otherwise new enamel will begin to be shelled at once after dries. And consider that enamel needs to be prepared with a pharmaceutical accuracy, but not by eye!
Today there was popular a method of updating of a bathtub by means of an acrylic insert. The acrylic insert is a new bathtub which is inserted in old, pig-iron. That is, a certain preparation which is brought by the master inserts, pastes if it is so possible to be expressed, to an old surface and combines plums. After that the bathtub looks as new. If to close its forward part the screen, then that you have a pig-iron basis and you saved, nobody will guess. It is also possible to replace a binding in an installation time of an insert and to carry out any additional sanitary works.
What do consumer groups of an acrylic insert and enamel differ in? Enameling costs twice cheaper – 80 US dollars, but also serves less. Therefore it is generally ordered by pensioners, administrations of hotels where there is a repair, and people who live on rental apartments and do not plan to use a bathroom longer than five-seven years. And the acrylic insert costs 150 US dollars, but also 20 years at least will serve. And in general it looks as a new bathtub. His individuals, people with the low income or those who wish to make inexpensive repair and do not want to suffer with the beaten-off tile, carrying out of an old bathtub and to that similar unpleasant things order.
Work on restoration of bathtubs very hard work. A hard work it and physically and morally therefore it is possible to tell that restoration of bathtubs – infernal work. To find personnel on firm on restoration of bathtubs very hard. The main requirement to future worker is experience and qualification. In work on restoration of bathtubs there are a lot of nuances which without practice in any way not to master.
The main key to success of firms on restoration of bathtubs is an experience and high-quality work. High-quality work cannot be carried out without qualitative materials. Also you should not muddle before the clients. Most of people appreciate openness of work of firms. For implementation of restoration of enamel of a bathtub there are several approaches. You need to study each approach that in work with clients you would have no problems.
What profitability of this business? To give exact numbers not easy. The price of primary covering makes 35-50 US dollars; the day revenue is formed by the number of orders which directly depends on the number of masters in a staff of the company. If to work without intermediaries, then business quite profitable. Expenses go only on materials, taxes, transport, and of course advertizing. Profitability depends on many reasons. First of all, seasonal orientation of business. The main demand for an enamel covering arises during the summer period when most of people go to holidays and on dachas and can quietly leave a bathtub for a week “to dry out”. And during “a low season” it is necessary to make more investments in business advertizing. The second reason is a labor input of process. In day it is possible to repair only one bathtub.
Defining price policy, the masters acting in a segment had to be guided by the quotations existing in the market for works of private traders. It is important to stake on high quality of works. The more qualitatively you work, the more receive.

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