Production of sunflower oil

podsolnechnoe maslo
podsolnechnoe maslo

It is no secret that sunflower oil belongs to products of prime necessity. It is constantly used practically by each household. Therefore, stable demand for this product is provided at all times, and production of oil causes interest in businessmen. Sunflower oil is received by pressing of seeds of sunflower. Vegetable oils are divided by extent of cleaning on crude, not refined and refined. It is considered that possesses the greatest usefulness crude oil as it is not subject to any processing, except filtering. Not refined oil, except a filtration is defended, hydrated (are processed by hot water for removal of albumens) and neutralized. The refined oil as a result of longer chain of processing gains transparency and loses a smell. For a start it is necessary to find the suitable room. It does not need to be decorated because production of vegetable oil is among very dirty productions, and it to itself the relation will not be suffered by any design. So pay more attention to functionality. You have to have a place for equipment, the place for initial materials. By the way, the room has to be warmed up that your production did not spoil in a cold season. The room space of mini-shop on production of sunflower oil with a productivity up to 100 liters an hour can make only 40 sq.m. However, it is necessary to provide also rooms for storage of finished goods. 2 persons without any vocational education can quite serve similar mini-shop. Equipment for production of sunflower oil rather simple. Here example of a standard set of the equipment for oil milling mini-shop: The calibrator – the device for purification of grain; Oilpress – the device for receiving vegetable oil and cake of sunflower seeds; The filter for purification of oil of mechanical impurity; The Hydrometer – the device for determination of humidity of seeds; The Line of pouring of oil in capacity. In general, you will need to spend about from 5 to 10 thousand dollars for the organization of production. Rather big capital. However experts who were engaged in production of vegetable oil in small, though industrial volumes, say that such expenses will be fulfilled at most for half a year. At the same time you even should not work seven days a week as can seem to you. Only four days a week will enough work that not only “to beat off” equipment cost, but also to begin to get from it profit, to begin to buy more sunflower seeds and to make more oil. You will need only to find sales markets for the goods. Qualitative house oil is appreciated in all city and suburban markets. It is considered that only such oil which and the truth smells of sunflower seeds can give to a dish unique aroma and appearance, and, certainly, taste. However from all oils which are on sale in shops any does not smell of sunflower seeds what there was told about these oils by advertizing. So you can use with ease this slogan in the advertizing. And you should give it to find private buyers. In general, for sale of the production you can quite open specialized shop selling oil. Then will come to you from all city, especially if it is small. If the megalopolis is near, you can come to its markets and agree with local sellers about delivery of goods to realization. At yourself you can also open in the grocery market the pavilion with oil, besides shop. Someone likes to buy products in the markets more, and to someone – in shops.

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