Production of foam concrete

proizvodstvo penobetona
proizvodstvo penobetona

That did not happen in the world, policy and in executive authorities, all these factors cannot change several factors yet: the first is an approach of spring and the second – an economy exit from a condition of crisis. These two phenomena, at first sight at all not connected with each other, after all have a direct bearing on business development, in particular and small business. Approach of spring together with improvement of an economic situation plus restoration of the banking sector give the chance to predict rapid development of the construction market. Why rapid development of construction sector? The answer is rather simple – the country a long time was occupied with everything, than got, but only not updating of the housing stock (the apartment, the house) and commercial real estate. De facto to 80% of all real estate in the country it is constructions of blossoming of the USSR, and even earlier periods. It should be noted that it is rather soft characteristic of a situation. Pent-up demand developed into construction boom of 2005-2008, but financial crisis introduced the amendments, at the same time it is possible to claim unambiguously that demand did not disappear anywhere, and was postponed by the best times. Now situations it was stabilized and it is possible to tell with confidence that ahead repeated boom on construction. What does it mean in practice? On practice it means that time to prepare for a season and increase of demand for services, goods of construction character and as to a consequence of a fine opportunity to start the business from scratch. The market of construction has a large number of ideas for business from scratch. Ideas for business from scratch in the construction sphere are divided into two big categories (in everyone cases in subjective opinion of the author): ideas for small business without big financial investments, but at the same time the owner of business has to be ready to work hard and independently and those that demand smaller forces, but at the same time demand capital investments. Frankly speaking, both in the first, and in the second cases existence desire to create actually business is priority, and the level of investments depends on real opportunities of the beginning businessman. From scratch in the construction sphere it would be desirable to start the cycle of ideas of business from real production, especially, the past cataclysms cleaned a large number of competitors from the market though the competition is in any market. Foam concrete production belongs to such idea of small business. Process of production of foam concrete is rather simple, plus does not demand a large number of the equipment for small business.
So, about the idea of business:

Foam concrete represents the cement mortar mixed with frother as a result of whom porous material with a number of advantages, such as ease, durability, excellent heat-insulating qualities, low cost and simplicity of production is got. It is hardly worth describing all advantages of the material, but it is possible to claim that it is one of the most progressive and economic today. Foam concrete – cellular concrete, has porous structure at the expense of closed pores (bubbles) on all volume, it turns out as a result of curing of the solution consisting of cement, lime (or other fillers), sand, water and frother. Realization of idea for business from scratch requires the equipment and two persons as service personnel. The author faced this type of production for small business purely incidentally, asked for the help in registration of all necessary documents plus the help in advance and further maintaining accounts department. In practice during creation of business one set of the equipment of small volumes was used, at the same time the equipment was bought second-hand that considerably simplified the solution of a question. Initial investments for development of business made 2500 dollars. On technology of the production It should be noted that in practice realization of two options is possible at once. The first option is a production of finished products from foam concrete, at the same time the sizes and a form depends both on the customer, and from the available forms, by the way, forms are made independently. And the second option is a filling of foam concrete in a timbering, a so-called method of monolithic construction. Concerning prospects of the let material speak it is not necessary in all respects. The option first – actually for business was required the small industrial room by the general quadrature of 100 square meters with existence of plumbing and sanitary. In the foamer to prepare foam from water and special powders and moves in a concrete mixer where it mixes up with cement or with mix of cement and sand or other fillers. Fillers are chosen depending on need of the client and cost of the final product. Ready mix is given through sleeves to forms (as it was told above, forms make independently, in it cases their cost decreases almost twice) and filled in in forms. Actually and everything, later certain time finished products (whether time of dredging depends on that added to foam concrete a zatverditel and plus temperature condition) take out and deliver to the customer. At the second option all installation is brought into place and make foam concrete pouring out in ready timberings (that is monolithic construction), for example, thus, I did myself walls of garage. In comparison with the cost of a laying or use of the majority of other materials foam concrete considerably wins, plus does not demand additional thermal insulation (that is a necessary condition when using ordinary concrete or slag stones). I can note that a year later after opening of shop on production of foam concrete the second unit was acquired, and the owner in the form of the second business began to be engaged in full monolithic construction of private houses in our region. Level of profitability of small business, of course, considerably depends on the number of customers, but installation at normal loading is capable to pay for itself for several months at average loading. Advertizing in this business occupies an important role, and it is worth carrying out the advertizing companies systematically. For example, once a month to distribute flyers in the private sector with the begun buildings and to actively hang out both small announcements, and posters on traffic intersections. In fact it is possible to organize business for several days, as the only condition serves existence of the equipment, but the main minus (though similar can be told practically about all business ideas) is need of search of clients. Though over time the base is gathered, and it becomes much easier to work.

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