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gofra tara
gofra tara

Creation of own production of a corrugation of a container – profitable and effective business as a corrugation the container has the steady demand at consumers tending growth. It is applied in food and chemical industry, producers household use and office equipments, etc. of Gofro the container represents the packing and a container made of a cardboard. Such packing is practical, convenient in application and is eco-friendly. Gofro the container helps to keep goods in a warehouse, in shop and at its transportation. It is necessary to apply to ensuring the greatest safety of production a corrugation a container of various forms and the sizes which are most corresponding to the goods sizes. Corrugated fibreboard consists of a paper layer which is pasted on a corrugated layer by means of starched or silicate glue that increases protective characteristics of such packing. The number of corrugated layers can vary depending on necessary rigidity, thickness of a cardboard makes 3 – 100 mm. Main advantages of a corrugation of a container: preservation of a form at vibration influences; resistance to shock loadings, compression and penetration of moisture; ease of transportation and warehousing. It is possible to make of a corrugated cardboard: a corrugation a container, a corrugation of a box, a corrugation trays, a corrugation containers, inserts for cardboard boxes, POS materials (show boxes, mobayla). Surely by production of a corrugated container that corrugations of a cardboard were directed parallel to box height – a corrugated container. Besides a corrugated box which perceives loading when laying in stacks corrugations can receive the different direction. Production of a corrugation of a container. To make a corrugated container sheets of a cardboard are cut on the necessary preparation. After that it is necessary to create the line of a bend and to cut the valve. It is important that the line of a bend on a corrugated container was uniform and on all area of development of a box. They have to be perpendicular as they provide formation of a corrugated box with the necessary internal size. The final stage of production of a corrugated container includes gluing together and a stitching of a corrugated container, and also their packing. To connect a corrugated container use steel brackets and a prikleyka or all this at once. If a corrugated container it is necessary to be used in the food industry that material was carefully checked and allowed to application sanitarno by epidemiological station. The special shtants-form is applied to production to more difficult packing of a corrugated container or samobrany container. After all process is finished a corrugated container is packed into the packs connected by polypropylene tapes. For this process are used a semiautomatic device for a sheaf. After it is made packs keep within on the pallet. Usually corrugated container is packed into packs on 10, 15, 18, 25 pieces. They should be displayed depending on the sizes and a corrugated container. If the customer wishes, then packs on the pallet of a corrugated container can be wound in a streych-film. To create own profitable business on production of a corrugation of a container you will not need to apply hard manual skills and to buy expensive wood. As raw materials for this effective business serve waste of the woodworking enterprises and waste paper. Production is carried out on high-performance machines which are equipped with automatic systems. Gofro a cardboard can have various brand which depends on structure of raw materials and specifications of its production. The organization of business on production of a corrugation of a container means existence of own or leased production room where the equipment, and rooms under a warehouse of raw materials and finished goods will be installed. Two ways of realization of idea depending on your desire and the starting capital are possible: 1. Production of a corrugation of a cardboard and production of a corrugation of a container. 2. Purchase of a ready corrugation of a cardboard and production of a corrugation of a container. Let’s consider the second option as the least expensive and simple performed by. To expand the new business further, having mastered production of a corrugation of a cardboard, it will be much simpler. Producers of the equipment for production of a corrugation of a container in the majority let out modular lines. They are convenient that at an initial stage of the organization of own business it is possible to buy only the most necessary equipment, and further, it can be understaffed to expand the range and to turn out more complex products. LLC ORTO realizes the machine for flat carving of a corrugation of a container, a press of role cutting BM-60 at the price of 4 thousand dollars or VM-1100 at the price of 6 thousand dollars, also the line for gluing together four-valve a corrugation of boxes (a corrugation of boxes) at the price of 13 thousand dollars. The press is intended for cutting down of details from a dense cardboard, a corrugation of a cardboard, felt, rubber and other materials with simultaneous scoring, perforation and a stamping in the way of rolling of a cutting shtants-form between shaft. The line represents the machine semiautomatic device by means of which previously cut preparations of a corrugation of a box develop and stick together. The price of realization of finished goods of your new profitable business exceeds prime cost of a corrugation of a container twice. If in your region there is a large poultry farm, the enterprise of household chemicals or other large production needing such packing for the goods try to conclude the contract for delivery of your production. Even one such large order will make good profit for your new business. Initial expenses: from 25 thousand dollars. Monthly income: from 10 thousand dollars.

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