Processing of plastic waste

Waste recycling productions are, more than ever, necessary for the city now. The competition in a segment of processing of household waste and plastic is not observed. It is not enough companies on processing of waste, and of raw materials – is more than enough. A big component of garbage waste are plastic bottles, traffic jams, packages. At the correct approach to the organization of business for processing of plastic waste – the result will be shown as favorable from the material and ecological points of view. From plastic waste turn out: secondary polyamide, polyvinylchloride, polypropylene, polyethylene. It is fashionable to hand over the received processed raw materials on the enterprises which make plastic trifles. It should be taken into account: “processing” does not go on products for food and pharmaceutical products. The difference of cost of primary raw materials and secondary differs approximately half, and 1 kg of primary raw materials gives 0,8 secondary. By estimates of experts the average person “makes” 250 kg of garbage a year. It: 10-25% – paper and textile waste, 25% – food, 25% – metal and wooden and other part – polymeric and rubber waste. Registration of production happens in 3-4 months. The enterprise needs to document the need for ecological service. The license for processing of plastic waste costs 1300 rubles. It is necessary to get still permission to collecting and storage of waste. Komfortnaya Square of production has to be not less than 300 sq.m (average for small plant – 400 sq.m), for a warehouse – 100 sq.m. The organization of rooms, with regulation of sanitary and fire standards will require the sum from 50 000 rubles. The production site has to settle down not less than in half a kilometer from residential buildings. Export and import of garbage it is possible by the rented cars. Collecting garbage can be carried out on city dumps, and it is possible to organize own collection points for raw materials.
Process of processing of plastic includes several stages:
·    Sorting: so far occurs manually, process though labor-consuming and labor-intensive, but, nevertheless, necessary
·    Direct processing of waste
·    For a full cycle and profitability – production of salvage
Technological equipment of the enterprise for processing and recycling includes the sorting line, a crusher, the accumulative bunker, a press and some other units (and dependences on specifics of the enterprise). The average cost of a set is 2 000 000 rubles. The equipment can be used new and second-hand, local and import. Labor “landing” of the small enterprise will make not less than 35 people. Let’s note that at first sight – work simple, but the skilled shots distinguishing “useful” and “useless” garbage are necessary. The average salary of the worker will make 8-10 000 rubles. Marketing specialists note that it is the most favorable to organize the enterprise of deep processing and recycling and to work in several directions: plastic processing, processing of textiles, wood processing, etc. Scales depend on the sum of investments. Experts specify: the minimum payback period of the enterprise at the good organization and the favorable market – 3 months.

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