pipe-driving drilling water wells

zabivnie skvajini
zabivnie skvajini

The scheme of the highly profitable really working business which sense consists in blockage of wells for supply with drinking water on sites of the state and private builders, country associations, gardeners etc. The cost of a ready well makes 10.000-15.000 rubles today. Prime cost of materials (pump, pipes and so forth) – about 2.000-3.500 rubles. The rest – your net income. The crew from two people can hammer two wells for light day. It is easy to consider that the salary of each worker can reach 6-8 thousand rubles a day. You can be engaged in installation of wells, having found yourself the assistant who surely has to be an electric welder. Work not for weaklings, therefore if you the woman or the elderly person, is better to create couple of such crews and most to be engaged in search of orders and drawing up contracts with clients. And to divide the income of crews equally between all participants. You will tell it unfairly? It is possible to take for search of clients to 10%, but not 30% in any way? I can answer it with words of classics of modern business: “10% of efforts occupy production of goods, other 90% – sale”. Completely I support this statement. Thus, your income can make up to $2000 a month. I do not take additional expenses on creation of SP, acquisition of the welding machine, etc. into account as all this can be made when you firmly get on feet. How to look for clients: You go round nearby garden and market-gardening farms, country cooperatives, private inhabited sectors and you glue announcements. It is also useful to meet heads of these farms and to offer them percent from the hammered wells. They at the meetings will recommend you. Most important: do not avoid sites where there is already a network water supply system. People there with great pleasure put wells for waterings, pools and other economic needs since tap water costs quite much and it is wasteful to water with it. In some farms waterings from a water supply system in general are forbidden. On pumps of the established wells surely paste a self-adhesive advertizing sticker with your phone. It will help to put “gossip hotline” in action. I.e. the neighbor saw a well through a fence, asked how much is, took your coordinates and delivered to himself same. Business cards not to leave effective since people often forget where they were thrust. One more way of advertizing – on the Internet the websites and forums, in newspapers. Well before entrances to small-scale farmings and construction to establish small plates with the word “Wells” and phone. During the correct work in clients of a shortcoming should not be. Any wells if it is irregular to use them, as happens on seasonal dachas, over time are silted and stop work. Resuscitation actions seldom bring success. It adds clients too.
Acquisition of materials:
Pipes are bought on scrap metal dealers, pumps can be taken ready, but it is more expensive. It is better to find the good turner in a workshop of nearby suburban economy. He at the ridiculous price will make and deliver you ready pumps, sgona, conic nozzles of filters and other necessary attributes. Very good and reliable pumps turn out from the written-off DT-75 tractor sleeves (A-41 engine). For 5-6 musclemen 12 l of water are pumped up. The car which one of members of crew has to have is necessary for departures to customers (or both). Expenses on gasoline are in full compensated from money of the paid order, plus 50% of this sum in addition go for depreciation of the car. The technology of blockage has several ways which can be used depending on existence of the electric power on a site and from quantity of the hammered wells. I.e. if you receive the order for installation of a large number of wells, for example in country cooperative at once, for a zadavlivaniye of pipes it is better to use the attracted hired tractor. Using its hydraulic system, the well prepares literally for half an hour. If the number of orders for wells is small, the crew works manually, chucking in with a sledge hammer a pipe through special laying necessary depth. For connection of joints use the small-sized portable welding machine, in the absence of electricity – the coupling. Sealing of joints – silicone. After blockage of a pipe from above we install the pump, we fill in a well with water and we make pumping of all system before the termination of releases of silt, sand and impurity. Completely the well is pumped over within several next days by owners. It is necessary to warn the customer about need to make water analysis from a well if they want to use it for drink.
Search of the place for installation of a well:
It is not made. You hammer where the owner will show. According to sanitary standards it is desirable to maintain distance of 30 m from street toilets that, unfortunately, is very seldom observed. Seldom or never the filter of a well can not get to the water-bearing horizon (there are such abnormal places). What to do? To recede as it is possible further from this place and to hammer a new well. There water already precisely will be. The pipe from an idle well can be taken out a tractor, but it is not favorable. Let the owner use it for the lightning rod or grounding. You will lose only 1000 rubles and two hours of time. Anyway, before works you need to learn a depth of ground waters in this region. It is easy to make it, having lowered a nut on a thread in the next well or a ready well. Zabivny wells work at levels of a bedding of ground waters to 8 meters. Usual level of a bedding is 3-7 meters. This technology in comparison with traditional drilling is much more profitable also skorostny.

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