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Creation of an apiary – rather profitable and favorable business. However, as well as any other type of business connected with agriculture he demands certain expenses. Generally of course, labor, but not financial expenses. For collecting one kilogram of honey, a bee have to fly about one and a half million flowers of a buckwheat or hundred fifty thousand inflorescences of a clover. Honey – one of the most valuable food. One kilogram of honey contains 3150 calories. In it is mute there are many necessary substances, it is quickly and completely acquired by a human body. Honey is necessary for the people who had a difficult illness, suffering from an anemia, weakness, is especially necessary for elderly people and children. Medical improves quality of blood, it is successfully applied to healing of grazes, catarrhal diseases, skin illnesses, etc. Cultivation of bees – one of the oldest branches of agriculture, the unusual and tightening business. Long since in Europe received a lot of honey. It was promoted by good conditions: the woods with the dense melliferous vegetation. Except that the beekeeping is useful as the branch offering us wax, and also propolis cultivation of bees also brings benefit in cultivation of plants. Not only inhabitants of rural areas, but also the city dwellers having a small ground in property can be engaged in cultivation of bees. This site is required for the organization of an apiary – several beehives with bee families located on a compact site of the district. Than the beekeeping, so it the fact that does not demand continuous presence of the owner of business is good. Usually bees do honey, without participation of the person. Nevertheless, it is necessary to be present at dredging of honey anyway. Therefore, a lack of this business are a communication with insects which at the correct approach has to end with nothing dangerous. One more shortcoming – diseases of bees. The bee is inclined to different illnesses, many of which cause not small damage to beekeeping. The loss consists of decrease in efficiency of bees and their death. Successful development and growth of house beekeeping is impossible without necessary knowledge of pathology of bees. Concentration of families of bees, global movements of apiaries, an exchange of breeding production both in one state, and at the international level, in one area can lead difficulties of isolation of bees to broad reproduction of causative agents of various illnesses among bees. Distribution of diseases is promoted by also physiological features of bees: flights of bees, royevy meetings, attack on sicklier communities. Some causative agents of illnesses of different types of insects, can pass also to honey bees. This factor needs to be considered at business development. The income from cultivation of bees consists not only in honey sale, but also on sale of wax, propolis, flower pollen and bee sting. Expenses on business acquisition – single, and the income is stable. This business perfectly will suit also those who want to get additional profit (in this case we recommend to establish no more than 30 beehives on a site is just that quantity which the person who is not living constantly on an apiary is capable to serve). If you want to make cultivation of bees the main business, it is necessary to establish from 60 beehives and more. The following step – acquisition of beehives. There are two ways – it is possible to buy beehives, and it is possible to make them. Further we will provide the approximate financial plan of cultivation of bees for the first year of work. In advance we will make a reservation that depending on the region expenses and the income can vary.
Purchase of beehives (1 piece of 20-30 dollars, 30 pieces) – 900 dollars.
Purchase of bees (30 families) – 1.200 dollars.
Purchase of tools, suit, stock – 200 dollars.
Total: 2.300 dollars.
Honey sale (30 families on 30 kg = 900 kg.) – 4.500 dollars.
Sale of pollen, propolis, poison – 1.000 dollars.
Total: 5.500 dollars.
At the same time you should not forget that costs of the organization of business for cultivation of bees single, and the income will be annual. That is the next year it is not necessary to be spent for purchase of beehives and purchase of bees.

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