Organization of computer courses

компьютерные курсы

It is very interesting idea of small business for those who well own the computer. Here, except profound knowledge of work on the computer, no material investments are necessary. Persons interested to learn computer literacy, will always be much. In recent years educational business became very widespread. Many want to study. There are people who are ready to pay well if only to learn to own the computer. For one – it is prestigious, for another – to earn on bread. All of them can become your potential clients. It is possible to teach a set and listing of texts on the computer, graphics, to programming, to adjust and repair computers. What you will train in, depends on your abilities. It is desirable to choose one some direction. If you choose training – some experience of teaching is necessary for you. If there is no such experience – during a time in the beginning most to study. It is necessary to begin with the announcement in which it is desirable to specify where you are going to train in computer literacy. At home, or – at the client. It is desirable – the second. Recently appeared many people having the computer and ignorant that with it to do. So there will be enough work also for you, and your competitors. There are many persons interested to train. It is confirmed by a set of announcements. There are various firms which use modern techniques when training, have various certificates, permissions, etc. You need to offer the pupils what your competitors could not guess. And so, in the beginning you have to think over well: what to teach to and how to learn. That is – to develop the program of individual training. In it, except points to scope of training, it is necessary to provide your personal approaches to training, relationship with pupils that is very important for achievement of success. Not so important here drawing up business plan. Everything is simple – you have a computer and your pupils have it and. It is necessary to improve the knowledge only. Your goods always at you less it will not become. You offer the intellectual goods to people to whom it is necessary for the solution of the tasks. In the work it is necessary to consider specific features of pupils. Their contingent will be various, both on the level of knowledge, and on intelligence. It is conventional that individual training promotes fast assimilation of knowledge and assumes hard and hard work. And as a rule, such training yields a good result. Components of success in individual training of computer literacy. Motivation of training. In each pupil before training there is a question: “And why to me it is necessary?”. And if he is not convinced of need of acquisition of knowledge, then no perception of information will exist. In a case when the client himself comes and he agrees to pay for training – this issue is resolved. Accounting of level of knowledge of the pupil. This factor plays an important role when training. Proceeding from readiness of the listener, the teacher has to select material statement level. Work is conducted on the end result – assimilation by the pupil of the stated material. Application in the course of training of the best practices. In particular, it is necessary to use computer programs widely. The science on the place is not necessary. Interrelation of the theory and practice. The theory in itself builds nothing if the pupil is not able to apply it at the solution of specific practical objectives. It is necessary to put more before the pupil of the vital practical tasks and to promote their decision. Labor productivity. Every minute of working hours has to be used with the maximum benefit. It is necessary to work for result, but not process. Selectivity in training. It is necessary to teach what really to be necessary in work for your client. He has to take part in selection of subjects for assimilation. Application of the training programs, naglyadnost, reference materials which promote the best digestion of material. Free schedule of occupations. Individual training gives the unique chance to give classes in time, convenient for the client, considering at the same time possibilities of the teacher. Training duration. The number of occupations and their duration have to be chosen taking into account the client’s wish. Usually occupations are conducted 2 hours. But at the same time it is necessary to consider fatigue of the pupil. Tuition fee. At the end of each occupation the sum, as a rule, not above than “developed” in the market of such services is disclosed. At individual training derogation from traditional system is admissible: “from the theory – to practice”. Considering wishes of the client it is possible to start practice at once. Not always the pupil wishes to learn long the theory, and then its application. Before training it is necessary: To settle training terms, in particular, the number of occupations, their duration, the price of occupations, etc.; To Acquaint the pupil with scope of training which can be corrected in the course of training; To Show what skills it will get as a result of development of the computer. At the organization of this business it is necessary to be ready what to dress up to work with different clients, both on the level of knowledge, and on intelligence. There will be capable pupils who are quickly perceiving information. But it is necessary to deal also with pupils in which is absent or the motivation to studying of the computer is poorly expressed. These are not working children of wealthy parents to whom it seems unclear and uninteresting. And generally, people incapable to be trained in work on the computer is not present. Complexity can consist in if the client thinks what he knows much also itself tries to direct training process. Advice to the beginning businessman: It is necessary to be down on to a subject. To work without abstract. Before occupations it is necessary to be prepared, consider all possible options well. The client it is necessary to respect, treat him only on “you”. The pupil is always right. He pays money and they should be fulfilled honestly. If the pupil does not know something – training is guilty.

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