Monocycle on electric draft


“Time goes, the ecotrend drives and it is time after children’s bicycles with a gyroscope, heavy and expensive Segveev and other clumsy experiments to replace the people from bicycles and cars to the correct transport more convenient and compact”. Approximately the designer of the monocycle Solowheel and the founder of the company Inventist, Shane Chen (Shane Chen) so argued. Solowheel is a wheel with footboards and the accumulator which is lucky the goer. At the movement the passenger driver costs on footboards, and the wheel turns in a casing at it between legs. For acceleration it is necessary to bend forward, having loaded the weight socks, for braking it is necessary to bend back, having loaded heels. Transfer of weight allows to maneuver to the left-to the right.

Monocycle Solowheel TTH:

speed – to 19 km/h

course stock – till 2 o’clock

weight – 9 kg

accumulator charging time – less than an hour.

the price – about $1500

the machine has folding footboards and the handle for carrying monocycle Charging – from the ordinary electric socket, besides, when driving with small load of the motor, for example, downhill, the accumulator is charged. It is clear, that, despite optimism riding in the commercial, comfortable driving on a monocycle requires an excellent covering under a wheel, without holes and borders, and also a helmet, kneecaps and other protective accessories are pertinent. And then the way from the house before work or shop can be made on one wheel without standing in traffic jams. The Inventist company since 2003 realizes different crazy ideas and is interested in distribution of the goods.

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