Installation of the gas-balloon equipment

gbo sell
gbo sell

This business idea is that the workshop on installation of the gas-balloon equipment (GBE) on cars can be opened in house conditions without large investments. It is known that world reserves of oil are catastrophically reduced. In the near future the price of gasoline will move only up. On the other hand, there is an opportunity to use the liquefied oil gas (propane-butane) as fuel. Traditionally, it is 50% cheaper, than gasoline. This proportion will remain and further. Costs of entry into this business are still minimum. If you already have a working car service or just idle garage room why not to risk? Especially, the risk is minimum. Besides our country endures the real automobile boom, and among motorists always enough economical people. Experts counted that the GBE installation for 300-1000 dollars will pay off for 15-20 thousand km. run. To start work of a workshop on installation of the gas-balloon equipment (GBE) on cars you will need garage with a hole, also – the metalwork and electric tool. The main thing that you had a clever brain and clever fingers. It is the best of all to begin your work with cars of your acquaintances if it is ordinary carburetor cars. The money can and be not put in purchase of the gas equipment. It is just possible to take a deposit from the client and on this deposit to buy all necessary tools. And after you perform all work on installation of the gas equipment the second part of payment you fill the pocket. For especially caustic clients, it is necessary to receive the certificate on the right of work with the gas equipment – without it the “installed gas” cars will not be able to pass checkup. Though, none of his clients ever demand such papers. The problem of passing of checkup is solved in simpler ways. As well as any other automobile service, installation of the gas-balloon equipment it is almost not connected with change of seasons. Easy rise in interest is noted in the summer when private motorists put GBO before distant trips, and some recession is swept up only in the period of New Year’s holidays that it does demand rather predicted. Against small investments in the production equipment people – the qualified fitters are the most expensive resource in “gas” business. It is impossible to save on their professional level. And business even not that gas, generally speaking, is explosive, and that the GBO modern systems after all are rather difficult and need thin control which the unskilled master will not be able to execute. Result – discontent of clients, long trials and, respectively, the spoiled image of all your business. The main buyers of cheap systems are owners of domestic passenger cars with carburetor engines and traveling “Gazelles”. They are ready to reconcile to loss of 10-15% of power, their main task – to save to the maximum. Therefore and at installation their main requirement is minimum price that is reached by the appeal to services of “garage services” which in itself earn rather small money. The only lack of domestic GBO consists that on their installation and thin control a lot of time is spent: it is necessary to potter with some cars till several days, and standard installation takes not less than 8 hours. But, having put the equipment once, the owner of the car can forget about any problems – even switching from gasoline on gas happens automatically. As a result, having achieved economy on purchase of the equipment at some increase in operating time, at the exit it is possible to sell service rather expensively. On the consumer properties the product does not concede to expensive foreign analogs. Of course, difficulties arise everywhere and even in installation of the gas equipment on cars. For avoiding of some problems avoid those cars where, in your opinion, you can meet problems (injectors and/or foreign cars with a plastic inlet collector). Each business needs to be issued officially and for this purpose it is necessary to pass everything an authorization system. After you began the business it is worth welcoming tax, SES, fire, labor protection. If in your city demand for the gas equipment by cars is big, then such workshop will well fit into large service station.

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