empower glasses
empower glasses

At most of people after 40 years problems with sight begin to arise, someone has short-sightedness, and someone far-sightedness, at someone sight just decreases and the world turns into indistinct something. The people having problems with sight often should use couple of points – for close vision and for distant. Those who wear glasses will understand it. At them for certain on a coffee table the case with points for reading lies. But it is difficult to argue with the fact that it is not really convenient, and does not match our modern world of innovations in any way. Ah yes, there are still those bifocals that in far 1780 was invented by Benjamin Franklin (Benjamin Franklin). It just took two couples of points – for short-sightedness and far-sightedness – cut lenses in half and connected. So the first bifocals were born. At the moment technologies allow to make them from the whole glass possessing different properties in the lower and top parts. Only at these points there are a lot of shortcomings. The line undressed between the top and lower part, and also lack of an opportunity to accurately see the objects “neither close, nor far”. Through the lower part of bifocals it is possible to distinguish accurately the text when reading, and already the pair of shoes under legs loses the outlines. Generally, still it is unknown that it is more convenient – bifocals or just couple of points separate for focusing of sight on small and on long distance. At last it to a problem approaches the end. In America developed innovative points of new generation. The PixelOptics company located in the city of Roanoke, State of Virginia plans to enter the market with a new product under the name emPower in June of this year. emPower is a line of electronic points which give to the owner an opportunity to switch “the modes of distant and near vision”. Externally they differ in nothing from usual points – lenses and a stylish frame habitual by sight. But “stuffing” will be more difficult. Lenses which are made by the Japanese firm Panasonic are multilayered, and if to be more precisely, consist of three layers. Between two layers of plastic the liquid crystal layer is located. The system works from a charge which lasts till 3 days. “Clever” points can be switched one chosen from two ways. The first – to hang the head that will mean “I read now” (i.e. I look close), – to press the second a handle of points. This switch activates the lower oval of each of lenses, adapting points in points for focusing on a short distance. When the owner of points touches a handle again or raises the head, lenses are reconstructed, and it occurs quicker, than the person manages to blink. The founder of technology of innovative points is doctor Ronald Blum (Ronald Blum). Before inventing “clever” points, doctor Blum founded firm on production of the equipment for ophthalmologic laboratories, offices, clinics. And also worked 20 years as optics, became the professional in a selection of points. The people who as experiment tested innovative points of emPower were satisfied. Only the developer worries because of high price a little though the retail networks which already signed contracts do not worry about it. The cost of such clever points will average 1000-1300 dollars. But, as Michael Johnson (Mark Johnson) claims, the businessman in this sphere, it is quite acceptable, his clients spend from 500 dollars for usual points. Well and that, will overpay twice, but quality and convenience are guaranteed.

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