Indicator of freshness of meat

The subject of fresh and stale products on shelves of supermarkets is particularly acute very. Tens of TV programs teach consumers what products should be bought and what – are not present. If it is about the packed products, it is recommended to check date of production and directly expiration date, and also lack of new stickers with new dates. Of course, reasonable people and without recommendations always check an expiration date, but also it not in all cases rescues from purchase of the spoiled products. Let’s tell if you buy the packed meat, and you find out houses that it is spoiled, despite even the operating expiration date. It can occur for various reasons – the period of an expiration date is exaggerated or, for example, meat began to vanish even before its packing. The German researchers from physical institute names of Josef Fraunhofer (Joseph Fraunhofer) found the simple and brilliant solution to this problem. They invented the indicator of freshness of meat. It represents a tape detector for definition of degree of freshness of meat which has to become internal part of packing. The principle of operation of this indicator of freshness of meat is very simple. Depending on freshness/perversity of meat the tape detector changes the color. If meat is absolutely fresher, it remains yellow. If meat begins to spoil, the tape detector for definition of degree of freshness gradually changes the color. If meat of “average freshness”, tape green. And if absolutely everything is bad, the tape gains blue, and then blue color. How works the indicator of freshness of meat? When meat, regardless of its look spoils whether chicken it, fish or beef and pork, appears a specific smell which can be heard, having only opened packing. This unpleasant smell is obliged to the emergence a molecule under the name amides. The tape detector for definition of freshness of meat developed by the German scientists also reacts to their existence and quantity. In Germany this idea of the indicator of freshness of meat was apprehended with a bang that is told. Active negotiations with factories on introduction of a tape detector in production of the packed meat are at the moment conducted. Scientists note that it will be more convenient to producer to work with meat thanks to tapes detectors. They will help them to avoid scandals with consumers, since the initial stage – beginning meat will not spoil not to arrive even on shelves of shops. Now in laboratories of institute of Fraunhofer developments of such tape detector for definition of freshness and for other products, at this stage – vegetables are conducted. Several teleplots on the German television were devoted to these by developments. The general conclusion such is – business idea remarkable, simple, effective and evident. The indicator of freshness will save buyers from waste of money, the same buyers and producers from waste of nerves if business reaches trials, and also from food poisoning. It is not always independently possible to define perversity of a product.

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