Implementation of old newspapers

starie gazeti
starie gazeti

You are not able to afford to create own mass media? – Earn from strangers! Quite so authors of two remarkable resources which will not leave indifferent any person concerning the press arrived, and also many others to whom it is interesting as look now and favourite newspapers looked many years ago. The project Old newspapers – unique and very useful resource for those who love history and want to understand the left era better. Who wants to be run by a look on headings of the turned yellow pages, to feel, than there lived their grandmothers and grandfathers as the country changed. The great country, it is necessary to notice. And here the second website Today’s front pages is more focused on the western reader (at least because it English-speaking). It is the project for modern cosmopolitans. For those it is interesting to whom to be aware of various events and news who does not recognize borders and seeks to capture the whole world. To feel pulse of the Universe if you want … The website allows to see today’s front pages of newspapers practically from all countries of the world. Unfortunately, Russia is presented so far, we will softly tell, is weak … – but it even is good! Means, you can offer the analog for Russian-speaking readers. Well, or at least to think over it. And one more hint – these websites are an invaluable source of ideas for designers of print media.

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