Floating booth with ice cream

With arrival of summer especially actual is a subject “coolings”. And one of the most favourite ways to be cooled is, of course, ice cream. In the summer businessmen whose activity is connected with production and sale of ice cream, get the main profit. That the sums of this profit were impressive, one fact of approach of summer, so – heats, it is not enough. Here the set of factors plays a role, beginning, of course, from quality of ice cream and its flavoring characteristics. By the way, it is possible to surprise pleasantly the consumer with unusual flavoring combinations as it was made by Jannie Britton Bayer about whom we already wrote. But it is not less important to consider in such business as sale of ice cream and such component as a way of distribution. In this plan British surprised – this summer in London for the first time there were floating booths with ice cream which received the proud name – a booth – an amphibian with ice cream. Now guests, and residents of the English capital can enjoy saturated chocolate, mint, strawberry and other tastes of creamy ice cream directly afloat. In spite of the fact that the floating booth with ice cream technically represents the boat, it is executed in such a way that as much as possible resembles a traditional yellow stall with ice cream. Actually, this step – to transfer sale of ice cream to water – it was undertaken in a protest of a trade policy in relation to sellers of ice cream. First, the expenses necessary for production of ice cream considerably increased. Secondly, the English authorities created the whole list of “prohibited zones” for dealers in ice cream, and it all grew and grew. It is possible to tell, “icemen” were just forced out on water. And to them it is good, as it appeared, this original course floating booths with ice cream – was pleasant to consumers. Their number considerably increased thanks to a unique way of distribution of a cold delicacy. The English newspaper Daily Mail which wrote in the article about floating booths about an interesting way of fight against policy of the authorities in the sphere of sale of ice cream noted an interesting slogan of the unusual vessel – “licensed to chill!” (it is licensed to cooling.)

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