Cultivation of pheasants

razvedenie fazanov
razvedenie fazanov

The psychologist of the Manchester university Jeffrey Beatty considers that “the skull of the modern person hides under itself the same brains that were at his ancestor from the Stone Age”, and emphasizes that the hunting instinct still operates the man. In other words, desire to get a game at the real man in blood. And here with a game which most of hunters associate with pheasants and with partridges, in Russia problems. And even not because “each hunter wishes to know where the pheasant sits” and does not know but because the livestock of these birds is not enough. Skilled hunters from the Rostov region – territories of traditional dwelling of pheasants – tell that in good day in cane beams it is possible to hit unless one pheasant and if carries. But how many adrenaline and the true man’s pleasure hunting delivers. “Nothing will be compared to it, – the Moscow banker Igor T. shares impressions, – everything grows dim: both secular parties, and strip bars with girls, and a casino Monte-Carlo. There is nothing more tasty than just hit pheasant baked on coals”. Respectively, the huntsman, attendants of hunters, note increase in demand for hunting services. Already guessed? Correctly, this time we will tell about how it is possible to earn from hunters not bad. To be exact – on cultivation of a game for them. Skilled dicheproizvoditel warn beginners against the mistakes characteristic of this business. “It is necessary to begin with sale, – the farmer Renat Shalimov tells, – restaurants do not take a pheasant, or almost do not take. Thousand rubles for a carcass expensively, and is cheaper, at the price of chicken, a pheasant there is no sense to sell. One hope for hunters. It is necessary to monitor forestry which were fallen in love to rich hunters”. As a rule, near such farms entertainment complexes, with baths, with restaurants, with good hotels, with hunting lodges have to settle down. The good sociable huntsman with communications in Moscow or the regional center – perhaps, the most irreplaceable figure in this business. Good acquaintances in hunting clubs will be not superfluous. For those who want to breed a game a metaphor “look for the woman” best of all to replace on “look for the hunter”, in fact, the only consumer of a pheasant. One more reef is the legal base. It appears, the game which is grown up on a farm, but set free automatically becomes property of the state. “I before hunting girdle the pheasants, – the farmer Maxim Govorun from Stavropol shares a secret, – on a ringlet there is an inscription “property of IP M. Govorun”. To some extent it protects the hunter and the farmer. If something not so with papers, the hunter declares that he a bird bought and the farmer after hunting can take away the escaped game supposedly ran away from the open-air cage. And nevertheless, despite difficulties, this business is considered very perspective. Hunting as leisure, wins sympathies real men, opening excellent prospects for business.

One cockerel on three chickens and pink glasses from inaction

First of all, it is necessary to decide on a livestock of your poultry yard. The open-air cage size will depend on it. Unlike hens, pheasants need expanse – “to them to fly hunting”. Experts speak about two square meters of captive space on a bird, in reality manufacturers leave to them on a square. Walls of the open-air cage do of a metal grid chain-link with a large cell, from above cover with a kapron grid. Also it is necessary to get an incubator for ripening of baby birds and to construct a little small open-air cages for them. How to breed a game, it is possible to esteem in the book “Dicherazvedeniye” under edition of professor Gabuzov. In this work there are answers to all questions, and the breeders of pheasants who achieved progress with pride call themselves Gabuzov’s pupils. The pheasant rooster can have three wives. Plus to it roosters is much larger than chickens, because they it is more interesting to hunters. Fazanikh are considered as thoughtless ladies. Eggs are laid where it is necessary. If the manufacturer cleans egg, then the chicken at once forgets about it and admits to herself a rooster. And that is also glad to try, increasing posterity. Thus, the conscientious manufacturer quickly enough gathers necessary amount of eggs for an incubator. Vylupivshy fazanchik about two months hold separately from an adult bird. Feed with abruptly cooked egg, greens and flour worms. Naturally, the food moves in small cut look. Skilled manufacturers put to the grown-up birds on red glasses that pheasants from inaction did not povydergivat each other beautiful feathers. To buy glasses, also as well as an incubator, it is possible in the next poultry market. It is considered that for three hundred rubles it is quite possible to grow up a large pheasant. On it five months leave.

Business calculator

“At the dacha six hundred parts – four left on the open-air cage, three-meter height, – will explain a formula of the business the manufacturer Maxim Govorun, – it cost me forty thousand rubles, the benefit giving already had a mesh protection. Increased a fence, put additional beams in the middle, and a fishing grid closed the sky. The incubator on five hundred eggs bought second-hand, cheap, for the twenty. All the rest trifles. I live in the same place in the country, in the well-planned lodge”. According to Govorun, the income appeared only for the third year, and that small – only two hundred thousand rubles. About ten baby birds утопло in a drinking bowl, fifteen more pheasants somehow ran away from the open-air cage, sometimes, that the bird died. Besides the owner ate about thirty chickens. As a result from five hundred baby birds hunters got four hundred whom the manufacturer sold at nine hundred rubles apiece. Fifty birds winter together with the owner. For this purpose at the dacha there is a small warm hen house. “Honestly, – Maxim Govorun is frank, – cultivation of a game is not so troublesome as vegetable growing in which tried to be engaged too. Nearby there is a cane beam, there and arrange semi-legal hunting that only facilitates business”. Papers in this case are considered as the most difficult. “It is possible to grow dull how many they need to be collected for hunting”, – manufacturers complain chorus. Certainly, it is a limiting factor, but farmers do not despond. They are sure that the future behind it. This business has all chances to become demanded. With growth of the income the Russian men, as well as their European colleagues, even more often pay attention to beautiful fowling pieces which and ask for hands. And even more often they have a desire to call friends, with the offer, “will hunt on a pheasant”, even if it is necessary to lay out one thousand rubles for a game. Actually, it is not much for such pleasure which without breeder of pheasants not to receive.

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