Cultivation of multi-colored roses

bouquet of rainbow roses
bouquet of rainbow roses

Rainbow roses or Happy Flowers really look as they and are called – roses of all flowers of a rainbow. The bouquet of such multi-colored roses is more similar to a box of felt-tip pens, than to a bouquet of flowers. The roses which are poured in all flowers of a rainbow is a unique idea of the 36-year-old owner of flower shop Peter Van de Verken from Holland. The idea to sell multi-colored roses arose from desire to be allocated in the crowded flower market. Roses of all flowers of a rainbow turn out by injection of dye in a flower stalk during growth. Dye is absorbed in petals of roses, giving them such unusual look. Process of filling of flowers dye not such idle time as it seems at first sight, and demands thorough training and exact observance of all technological processes. At first Peter Van de Verken tried to paint roses by spraying of petals, but this method did not work. At Peter and his colleagues more than half a year left to find an optimum way to grow up multi-colored roses. The businessman Peter Van de Verken positions the unusual multi-colored roses more as a decor element for decoration of interiors as unusual wedding bouquets or original gifts. People perceive these unusual roses of all flowers of a rainbow differently: they or love them, or, on the contrary do not accept. But such surprising flowers definitely draw attention to themselves and, according to the author of idea Peter Van de Verken, promote increase of mood and level of happiness. For this reason at unusual flowers the second name ‘Happy Flowers – happy flowers which stimulate happiness.

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