Compact cooler for drinks

The solution of some small daily tasks often leads to opening of own business, creation of a unique brand. Such history happened to the American from Jensen Bich by the name of George Wood (George Wood). Dawned on George in one fine morning when he found out that the package of the cooling gel forgotten on a counter was still cool. Throughout all the life George was annoyed on the fact that the glass with water which it puts for the night on a bedside table near a bed, is warm in the morning. George believed that there is a solution of this problem, and he was lucky to find it. “Absolutely unexpectedly! Boom, and I already knew how to solve this problem”, – the inventor tells. It at once went behind packages of the cooling gel. By the way, such hypothermal, i.e. cooling packages, are familiar to much of first-aid kits. George wrapped up the cooling packages to bank with aerated water, having connected them a tube, then froze by pressing. The objectives were achieved – bank, appeared in the center of this mini-cooler, remained cold throughout the day. So the cooler under the name Freeze ‘N’ Go was born. “The compact cooler for Freeze ‘N’ Go drinks is a 5-inch cube in the center with an opening for banks or bottles”, – George Wood to whom now 60, about the invention tells. By the way, he took out the patent for the cooler for drinks without any difficulties. Moreover, the compact cooler of Freeze ‘N’ Go is already used in many American shops. A cooler for Freeze ‘N’ Go drinks it is possible to order online at the price of 23,95 dollars. Already more than 300 mini-coolers are sold, and 300 were distributed free of charge as promotion action. Now George Wood, seeing a demand of the invention, works the organization of the Freeze ‘N’ Go brand hard. It both his faithful workmate, and the investor, Paul Boukher (Paul Boucher), decided to arrange the automated production of mini-coolers for drinks and concluded the contract with the East Coast Plastics company. Gradually everything goes to mass production of mini-coolers. George Wood took care and about an esthetic component – for drinks it is possible to apply the photo on the customer’s wish on a plastic surface of a compact cooler. “I hope that people should not throw out jars with drinks from now on before those are drunk up”, – George Wood says.

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