Clothes with climate control from India

odejda s klimat kontrolem
odejda s klimat kontrolem

The Indian inventor developed a fashion line with climate control thanks to which that owner will feel comfortable at any extreme temperatures. Of Kranti Kieran Vistakula (Kranthi Kiran Vistakula) began the business with development of a vest, now already applies this business idea to creation of footwear, scarfs and even lunch plates. In a clothes complete set with climate control easy plastic plates with the thermoelectric device are used. It works from the batteries capable to charging at the movement and even from sunshine. One completely charged battery ensure functioning of the thermoelectric device within 8 hours. Mr. Vistakula works together with team of young enthusiasts in own building of the company near the city of Hyderabad (Hyderabad), the capital of one of the southern Indian provinces – Andhra Pradesh (Andhra Pradesh). In the summer in these regions air temperature reaches a critical point – over 40 degrees of a heat. But, despite it, Mr. Vistakula feels very comfortably, so, if he was in a cool. Its secret – in the vest “with climate control” made on its own patented unique technology. The same vest with climate control which rescues Mr. Vistakula in summer heat was successfully tested by fighters of the Indian army at critically low temperatures reaching already 40 degrees of a frost. It means that the clothes developed by the Indian inventor provide comfort, both during a heat, and in cold. At the same time, for example, the same vest weighs no more than one kilogram. Now the company of Mr. Vistakula which, by the way, is called Dhama Innovations works on a series of other products with use of similar technology. “We already developed lines of footwear, warming in cold and cooling during a heat, – Vistakula says m-r, – it was also successfully tested by the Indian fighters, and obviously had them on temper. Frostbite – a big problem for army, and our boots really help”. In the interview to BBC TV company Kranti Kieran Vistakula reported that he plans even creation of a vest with climate control for cows. He explains it so: “When the cow does not suffer it the hot sun in the summer, so to say – she is cooled, then she milks more. It is scientifically proved”. Here an example of how one brilliant idea can not only bring in the quite good income but also solve problems in many spheres of activity of the person. So, the clothes from the Indian by the name of Vistakula solved with climate control also some problems of army and agriculture of its native land.

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