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oformlenie vitrin
oformlenie vitrin

They say that the theater begins with a hanger, and shop – with a show-window. The show-window is urged to turn passersby into visitors, and it is better – in buyers. Window dressing is not so much creativity, how many rather favorable business which gives absolute profitability. For a start investments in the sum of $10 thousand which can pay off less than in a year are required. It is necessary to remove small office (enough and 15-20 sq.m), and also to spend for a stock of expendables, and surely it is worth getting representation in the Network: creation of the website will cost $600-800, about $200 more a month will leave on its support and Internet advertizing. The public should declare itself on start much and therefore the lion’s share of financial resources will be sent to this course. The success in window dressing business directly depends on the creative designer. It is the best of all if the think-tank of the company – the designer with a name. To hold the pro, only for one project he will need to pay from $1,5 thousand for idea. It is heavy to find such expert, but it is real. As a rule, the designers respecting themselves on an interior – the people grounded and in current trends of visual merchandising wish to work under others wing. In this market to beginners it is especially heavy. New design studios are opened by the former staff of any other studio. Lose studio of the leading designer, and business can be closed. Well, and as people creative often gaze about, it is necessary to find sources for their deduction. Also high salaries ($2-5 thousand) are used . In order that your business went, it is necessary that in a sheaf (it is ideal if it are cofounders) two persons worked: – designer artist; – the person, the comer from trade. Then your show-window will carry out the main function – to increase sales. But also that and another have to improve constantly the skills reading literature on marketing and, ideally, visit of those places in Europe where window dressing even of the most modest outlets – is similar to art without any quotes. You will not find data on what show-windows influence passersby better – potential buyers. Only one is precisely known – if you have not absolutely new and presentable trade equipment, then it is better to hide all this from passersby behind the beautiful closed show-window. The open show-window is pertinent only where the trading floor is beautiful, pure and light. And specialization of shop has no value. Show-windows are subdivided on registration on subject, commodity and commodity and subject. Subject – when the emphasis is placed not on goods of shop, and on some thought-up sketch with different elements of ornament. Often these elements are connected with the range of shop only on sense or by some analogies. Commodity show-windows (counter) are the most widespread type when in a show-window it is exposed (all, of course, and only single sets) goods in which the shop trades. Well and commodity and subject is, respectively, mix of goods with some thought-up designer or the artist a plot. For example, dummies of newcomers in a show-window of computer shop hold in hand new goods – laptops or a doll the Little Red Riding Hood with a basket of pies from a bakery in which show-window this doll also is, etc. High-quality window dressing demands: Skilled graphic designers with good taste, the imagination and sense of proportion. Reasonable combination of flowers. Red and black velvet with abundance of a golden fringe – attribute more likely bureau of funeral services, and in any way not shop of jewelry. Good light. That impression which the show-window will cause in the potential buyer in many respects depends on it. The type of lighting happens various. What type will be applied in a concrete case, in many respects depends on the general idea of registration and features of goods. Two types of artificial light – general disseminated and directed with emphasis of objects and details are basic. Business this not seasonal though works involving all hands happen in New Year. However to begin the business with a season of the greatest load is a risk not to cope and to prove badly at clients. The main thing in this case, as well as in many other affairs when you play for certain, – the lack of vanity inherent in the Attendant Muz knowing the own worth. To issue a show-window in three days – it would seem what can be simpler? But it far not so! Development of the competent design project takes on average week. It is about those concepts which can already live in itself. To create something more serious, not less than three-three and a half weeks are necessary. Adoption of this or that concept is accompanied sometimes by hard negotiation process. For example, many initially demand “large forms”, however not all bright and large looks on a show-window beautifully. It is reasonable to use such forms under certain conditions: for example, when the shop is on the dark street or a show-window, trees partially cover. It is not necessary to profess the principle “the customer is always right” is just that case when is more visible to the master. So in our business not only author’s approach, but also ability to approach most individually the order is required. One more problem is that the customer is inclined to make changes to the project when production is already started. Recently the client went advanced – wants to receive as a result not just colourfully issued show-window, and real increase of sales. The dispersion of the prices of orders is very big and depends on a set of factors: areas of a show-window, complexity of the project and cost of expendables. The design the project of a show-window of small shop can cost 600-1000 dollars, the serious big project for large shop will cost at least twice dearer. Unfortunately, yet all owners and directors of shops think of need of competently issued show-windows. About what means “competently” we also wrote in this article. Also we will be glad if our councils help you on achievement of success in business.

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