Ball pen with a spiral

In spite of the fact that computers, electronic notebooks changed ideas of earlier habitual ways to do notes, nevertheless, at schools, offices, universities, paper and ball pens – still quick-selling goods. The handle at an inopportune moment ended – such situation happened, perhaps, to everyone. Really, getting ball pens, people, as a rule, buy at least two pieces, without counting that one will serve long time. In Germany the simple, and at the same time brilliant decision to a widespread problem – small service life of usual ink cores was thought up. What decision? A ball pen with a helicoid core. She received the name T&T PEN-Ink Chamber and was presented in 2011 on an award already known to us in the field of innovative design – Yanko Design. In what advantages of a ball pen with a helicoid core? As you already, for certain, guessed, it will serve longer usual thanks to the content of bigger amount of ink. The helicoid form of a core allows to contain twice more ink if to compare to a direct core of a usual ball pen. For this reason, according to experts, DNA is arranged in the form of a double spiral. So! Many practical ideas can be gathered at our mother of the nature. By the way, the ball pen with a helicoid core is urged to take care also of ecology of our planet. In what way? Let’s make simple calculations. In such ball pen of ink twice bigger, than in usual. It means that it is possible to use it twice longer. Thus, 2 ordinary handles = 1 ball pen with a helicoid core. But! 2 ordinary handles = plastic on 2 handles. And 1 T&T PEN-Ink Chamber ball pen = plastic on one ball pen. Thereby, we reduce pollution of the planet plastic waste.

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