Monsters of the ice continent

Antarctica was considered as the lifeless continent inhabited only by penguins. But here scientists from the Antarctic scientific stations began to come across awful monsters. […]

Exorcized from death

Long since the national rumor claims that there are people possessing improbable it is possible even to tell improbable survivability, capable to get safe out […]

Unusual reasonable clouds

Besides UFO, in the sky not less puzzles – LOLO, easily identified flying objects periodically are registered. They look as usual clouds, but behave as […]

Changes of maps

History contains mysterious, mysterious, and at times quite explainable cases of disappearance from the map of Earth of geographical objects much. It is unpleasant to […]

Death of the Khmer empire

The American and British paleoclimatologists found out that the Khmer empire – the feudal state in the territory of modern Cambodia – was sharply weakened […]