• Education system in Spain

    System of the Spanish school education The public and private sector of school education are rather developed in Spain; besides, there are educational institutions of […]

  • Education system of Italy

    School in Italy The secondary full general education in Italy includes the following main steps: ·    primary education lasting 5 years. ·    first cycle of […]

  • System of education in Germany

    The education system in Germany represents classical structure: level    type    age kindergarten        3-5 elementary school    Grundschule    6-11 high school    Allgemeineschule    11-16 high profile school   […]

  • Education system of Denmark

    Education system of Denmark Denmark – the country of almost general literacy. Among adults the share of illiterate does not exceed 1%. The education system […]

  • System of education in Belgium

    School in Belgium The interesting facts of system of the Belgian education begin with the early childhood. Training is based more on presentation here. In […]