Theory of hollow Earth

In April of the 1942nd year when situation on fronts was extremely heavy and it seemed, nothing will be able to distract military scientists and engineers from their direct tasks, the expedition which does not have any relation to the course of military operations will be organized. Nevertheless, the sanction for carrying out this expedition was received on the top – it was approved by Himmler, Goering and the Fuhrer. Among members of this expedition there were best specialists in a radar-location. Directed by doctor Heinz Fischer famous for the works on infrared radiation, they landed on the Baltic island of Rügen is mute. Rugen, island near the southern coast of the Baltic Sea, as a part of Germany the earth Mecklenburg Lobby (Pomerania). With themselves they had the most modern radar. At that time these devices were still very rare, and by preparation of expedition took away them even from the most sensitive points of the German defense. On arrival into place doctor Fischer sent all radar to the sky at an angle to 45 degrees though it seemed that in the chosen direction nothing could be found. Other members of expedition originally did not know about the task set for them and thought that it is about field tests of the new military equipment. But to general amazement for many days the direction of a radar of Fischer remained invariable. Explanations were received later. It appears, the Fuhrer had the reasons to consider that Earth not convex, but concave. The purpose of expedition was to prove this idea scientifically. It is known that waves of a radar extend on a straight line. Therefore with their reflection Fischer expected to receive the image of the most remote points in the sphere. After war in the 1946th year professor Gerard Cooper devoted a series of articles to the doctrine of the hollow Earth which formed a theoretical basis for carrying out expedition. He wrote: “Many representatives of the German fleet and aircraft trusted in the theory of hollow Earth. Thought, in particular, that it would be useful to detection of the English fleet because concave curvature of Earth would allow to do supervision at very long distance by means of the infrared beams possessing smaller curvature than visible beams”. Incredibly, but the fact – the high-ranking nazi officials and military experts denied that it seems obvious even to the child. For the supporters of the theory of hollow Earth who organized expedition on the island of Rügen all of us live in the sphere formed in the mass of the rock which lasts infinitely far. The sky is in the center of this sphere: it is the mass of bluish gas with points of the sparkling light which we take for stars. There are only a Sun and clouds, but infinitely smaller, than orthodox astronomers claim. The Universe is limited to it. We are lonely in the Universe, and we are imprisoned in the rock as in a cage. It is curious that the doctrine of hollow Earth was for the first time formulated not in Germany as it is possible to think, and in the United States of America. On April 15 the 1818th year Congressmen of the USA, rectors of the largest American universities and some scientists received the letter of such contents:
“San Louis, Missouri, North America, on April 10. To the whole world. I declare that Earth hollow and is inhabited inside. It contains many firm spheres, concentric, lying one in another, and is open at a pole from 12 to 16 degrees. I undertake to prove reality of the thought which is put forward by me and is ready to investigate Earth interior if the world agrees to help me with this enterprise. Clive Saymons, former captain of infantry, State of Ohio”. The American fantast Spreg de Camp and the German engineer Willie Ley in the work “From Atlantis to El Dorado” so retell the theory of the former infantry captain: “Saymons insists that in this hollow world also bones, hair, stalks of plants etc. are hollow. Planets are also hollow, and on Earth, for example, it is possible to distinguish five spheres one in another, all of them are manned outside and inside, and all have wide openings in poles through which inhabitants of each sphere can go to any point both in another, and outside of it, like the ant creeping at first inside, and then and outside of a porcelain cup. Saymons organized trips with the reports – something like election campaign. It left after the death a heap of notes and small model of the globe of Saymons which is stored in Academy of natural sciences in Philadelphia now. His son, America Vesputsius, became one of his followers and unsuccessfully tried to stick together coherent work from his notes. He added the assumption according to which when times change, ten disappeared knees Israel will be found living probably in the most external of spheres”. In the 1880th year one more American Cyrus Tid proclaimed that Earth hollow. Tid used glory of the erudite specializing in studying of alchemy. In the 1869th year when it worked in the laboratory and reflected over Isaiah’s Books, suddenly lit up him. He understood that we live not on Earth but in it. It pushed him to develop the new esoteric doctrine under the name “koreyshizm” and to base the Ognenny Mech newspaper. By 1894th year it brought together more than four thousand fanatical followers. At the end of World War I the young German pilot by the name of Bender who was in French to captivity came across old copies of a newspaper of Tid “A fiery sword” and the brochures propagandizing idea of hollow Earth. Having been fond of this cult and, in turn, dawned inspiration, he specified and developed this doctrine. Having returned to Germany, Bender based the movement which is guided by “The doctrine about the hollow world”. For Bender Earth – the sphere of the same size, as in orthodox geography, but it hollow, and life is spread on an internal surface under the influence of pressure of sunshine. Under this surface – the infinite rock. The air layer has thickness of 60 km inside, then is gradually rarefied to absolute emptiness in the center where there are three bodies: Sun, Moon and illusive world. This illusive world – a sphere of bluish gas in which light kernels called by stars sparkle. When this blue weight passes before the Sun, on the closed part of hollow Earth there comes night. Today it seems to us absolutely senseless that the behavior of the people who were responsible for the management of the nation could be though it is partially caused by the mystical intuition denying existence of our Universe. But it is necessary to consider that for the simple person, for the German from the street whose soul was tormented with defeat and poverty, the idea of hollow Earth in the thirties was no more mad, than idea about the boundless power sources which are contained in matter kernel or idea of four-dimensional space. Hitler and his party fellows – the people who rose from bottoms – had to consider that Bender’s ideas are more acceptable, than Einstein’s theories opening infinitely difficult world to which it is much more difficult to adapt. “The doctrine about the hollow world” gave to the person feeling that it is covered, protected as a germ in mother’s belly. It is remarkable that doctor Heinz Fischer directing expedition on the island of Rügen after war made an outstanding career as the nuclear physicist. He to the first managed to receive in vitro temperature in one million degrees. On a question of the American journalist of his past he declared: – Nazis forced me to do work of the madman that very prevented my researches. It turns out that the scientist did not trust in Bender’s theory, but it was forced to be engaged in its check upon the demand of the nazi authorities. This fact indicates to us that once again why nazi Germany had to lose war when the leading scientists instead of being engaged in business work on verification of esoteric theories – to sense from it do not wait. After expedition on the island of Rügen ended absolutely disgracefully Bender’s authority in the opinion of nazi dignitaries swept down, without looking even at a patronage of Goering feeding affection for the former hero of aircraft. Bender was thrown into a concentration camp where soon and died. But even long before this senseless expedition Gerbiger’s followers heaped ridicule on Bender and demanded prohibition of its works. It is clear, Gerbiger’s system applied for the status of a global cosmogony, however it is impossible to trust in the universe which is at the same time representing the arena of immemorial fight of ice and fire and the hollow sphere concluded in the infinite rock. Hitler was asked to act as the arbitrator. His answer deserves reflection. – To us it is not necessary at all, – Hitler told, – the coherent concept of the world. Both those, and others can be right. Therefore, for nazis not connectivity and unanimity of views mattered, and destruction of the systems following from logic of a rational mentality mystical dynamism and explosive power of intuition is important. All policy of nazi Germany was based on it.

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