“The secret doctrine” of Blavatskaya

blavatsky and secret doctrine
blavatsky and secret doctrine

This book written by Elena Blavatskaya issued in the 1888th year looked as the comment to the sacral text “Stanzas Dzian” which the author saw in the underground Himalaya monastery. “The secret doctrine” contained the description of Divine activity as it was imagined by Blavatskaya from the beginning of the period of creation of the world till its end. The first volume “Cosmogenesis” covered itself the general plan with which in compliance, the one not shown God differentiates himself in variety of the conceiving beings who are constantly filling the world. For the first time God is found through an emanation and three forms of intelligence following one after another which create time space and matter and are symbolized in a series of sacred signs of Hinduism as follows. All subsequent creations occur in strict submission to the divine plan, passing through seven circles of evolutionary cycles. In the first circle the world submits to the power of fire in the second – air in the third – waters in the fourth – lands and in other – air. This order reflects gradual removal of the world from divine favor in the first four circles and its atonement in following three. Elena Blavatskaya illustrates stages of a space cycle various esoteric symbols triangles of a triskelionama and a swastika. We will face this last symbol still more than once as it was very popular at the beginning of the 20th century. The swastika is known since the most ancient times. It can be found in neolytic images in an ornament of many people in different parts of the world. The swastika – designation of favorable happy object is represented in the form of a cross with bent at an angle or oval more often – in the direction of an hour hand by the ends. In the Indian culture which was carefully studied by Blavatskaya the swastika was traditionally treated as a sun symbol a sign of light and generosity. Elena Petrovna chose a swastika as an official symbol of theosophists that was reflected in the project of the press of Society offered it. In the second volume of “The secret doctrine” “Anthropogenesis” Blavatskaya tried to coordinate mankind history to evolution of the universe. It is clear, that its idea of history was beyond to the known modern science. Blavatskaya includes the person directly in the scheme of space physical and spiritual development of the world. Here its theories represent an alloy from opening of paleontology of the end of the 19th century and the racial theory of evolution. Blavatskaya accompanies the cyclic concept of development of the world by the statement that each of seven circles of evolution is accompanied by falling and an eminence of seven consecutive root races, in the first or fourth circle of race experience decline of spiritual development, being sent to the power to a material world, in the fifth or seventh circles the highest races rise to light. According to Blavatskaya, original humanity can be created only by the fifth root race – Aryan. It was preceded respectively the astral race which arose in the invisible and sacred earth, the giperboreyets living on the disappeared polar continent, the lemurianets prospering on the island in the Indian Ocean, and the race of inhabitants of Atlantis which died as a result of a global catastrophe. The belief in reincarnation resettlement of souls and a karma also borrowed from Hinduism was other essentially important teosofsky belief. The human individual was considered as insignificant part of a divine being. The idea of reincarnation obliged everyone to be started up in space travel on circles and root races which has to lead it to final reunion good luck from which it was torn off. This way of uncountable transformations writes history of gradual atonement. Process of reincarnation is executed according to the principles of a karma – who made kind acts – reincarnates successfully who was angry – reincarnates in lower forms. Besides racial accents the Theosophy also emphasized the principles of an elitarizm and hierarchy. Like the Teachers who according to Blavatskaya sent her to the world to transfer ancient wisdom to Aryan race Elena Petrovna applied for the unconditional authority determined by her place in occult hierarchy. In the stories about prehistory of mankind she also often referred to an outstanding role of elite priests of root races of the past. So, when lemurianets the third root race, sank into evil and defect, only the hierarchy of the elite remained is pure spirit. These the few made the lemuro-Atlantic dynasty of kings-priests which is nowadays living in the legendary country of Shambhala. Blavatskaya’s theory caused huge interest in part of educated European public. It is explained probably by quite certain promise of occult dedication which will receive everyone accepted Blavatskaya’s ideas. The Theosophy offered attractive mix from ancient religious ideas and scientific concepts new for those times for those whose habitual views were overturned on the one hand by discredit of orthodox religion with another – scientific and technical progress. In May of the 1891st year, almost without any warning illness, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky died in the working chair. Her body was betrayed to burning, and the remained ashes were divided into three parts: one part remains in Adyare, another in New York, the third is left in London.

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