Sharks – masters of oceans

Sharks are hostesses of oceans
Sharks are hostesses of oceans

Usually to the people far from biology, apparently, that in the nature everything is simple and rather clear: animals exist that the person ate them, and plants – it is rather for salads. But once you deeper learn about some live organism, before the person at once there are unclear and inexplicable phenomena. Biologists are more often than the others face such stubborn questions. Especially many riddles are concealed in themselves by those animals who are potentially dangerous to “the owner of the nature”. And for this reason many secrets connected with the cunning and ruthless hostesses of an underwater kingdom directing at all horror only the one look so up to the end the person are not solved. And all unsolved, as we know, at the same time both frightens, and attracts. Why sharks interested the person, but not herring or a crucian which evolutionarily much more development? Obviously, it is all about secrets and mystical horror which crape shrouded these predators. Sharks who have rather primitive structure perfectly adapted in the environment and already about 350 million years safely exist on our planet, endured even dinosaurs. They arose on Earth then still when the person was not trace yet and. Looking at them, you feel breath of prehistoric time. And maybe, there will pass several hundreds of centuries, and just representatives of other civilization will look at such shark, admiring their resilience, perfection of their organism, at the same time perfectly understanding that it is the most predatory riddle of the World Ocean. The shark is a main character of myths and legends at the people living on the Polynesian and Hawaiian Islands. And for one shark is a deity, and for others – an artful and evil ghost. And often worship of it got the strangest forms: some tribes living on the Pacific islands made the highest sacrifice to a shark – the person. And only arrival of Christianity changed situation to these islands a little, having displaced a shark god from an altar. However and today on some islands on a shark look as at the envoy of their deities. In Hawaii there was even a spark circus which was found by builders of the American sea military base in Pirl-Harbore. The Hawaiian masters there in the ancient time arranged peculiar gladiatorial fights between the person and a shark. Also it is not necessary to be seven spans in a forehead to guess who won in these unequal fights. The refined form of a shark does not change already many millions of years. Quick, gray, mighty, having force which cannot be calmed down or stopped – the shark at a meeting instantly causes wild horror. It is not enough people on our planet who, having met a shark in the high sea, survived. Modern sharks are small anchovies in comparison with ancient megalodona – the karkharodona having trunk length about 25 meters and 20-centimeter teeth. Megalodona about 1,5 million years ago, allegedly because of a lack of food more likely a shortcoming of whales who were their main food died out. Many ancient civilizations worshipped them, giving it the form of unrestrained force of the wild nature. The person cannot survive in an underwater kingdom of a shark without special equipment, This world alien to the person directs unfamiliar horror at the person – can disappear in its depths anything. Since “the owner of the nature” decided to master ocean open spaces, the shark became for him the first enemy. Ruthless murderers – such glory was consolidated to this sort surrounded at the same time both with real stories, and the aura of mystical mystery which is closely bound with them. The nature presented to sharks the ideal tool for murder – the jaws equipped with nearly three thousand the sharpest teeth which are settling down in several rows. Biologists measured pressure under which spark jaws clench, is force in hundreds of kilograms. The main part of the long life, and shark there live about hundred years, predators will see off either at a depth, or on a water surface. They have a surprising back fin which is very flexible and has function of Kiel of the ship. At a depth of a shark thanks to the color are almost imperceptible. She uses strategy of the cruiser which looks for production among the top silhouettes. A shark – the most perfect and cunning predator which does not give in to taming, representing the unsubdued nature. It is the highest caste of predators which will always strike terror to our consciousness. Habitat of a shark – warm latitudes where temperature does not go down below 16ºС. They are stopped, however, by neither lower temperature, nor even fresh water: sharks rather comfortably can move up the big rivers. These predators have many differences from other sea inhabitants, however the most interesting of them is the spark skeleton consisting not of bones, and of cartilages. The trunk of a shark is covered with plakoidny scales – the small and very firm shoots on a structure reminding a structure of teeth. The shark very often should use the scales as a sandpaper, tearing off it during hunting large pieces of meat. Spark teeth which settle down in its mouth in several rows at once are very interesting. You should not speak about their sharpness, but the most interesting is what each tooth for itself has spare which right there takes the place dropped out or worn out. Jaws of a shark about which the person shot many horror films blow the mind: the shark can swallow any more or less large mammal, and all because the cranium and its top jaw are not a whole, and connection of jaws with each other by means of very long and elastic muscle allows a shark to stretch the mouth to very big sizes. Besides her jaws are transformed under different corners and for this reason usually any its hunting comes to an end successfully. The shark has the logo – the enormous fin in the form of a triangle which is on a back. All life of a shark is the movement since any stop will send it to a bottom. All the matter is that the shark has no air bubble therefore she cannot hang in water, have a rest or just sleep. The anatomy of her body excludes this opportunity, and this toothy predator is doomed to ransack in ocean depths in search of the victim. Speed with which the shark floats in water reaches 60 km/h, and its sizes fluctuate from 20 meters in length weighing 15 tons to 15 centimeters with a weight in several gram. Between these such different types of sharks – whale and dwarfish shining – there are about 350 versions, 40 of which are deadly to the person. About pantophagy and gluttony of a shark it is possible to compose legends: they swallow of everything that can be near them, since a car tire, finishing a steel pig. And all this is digested in their stomach which juice contains the high-concentrated hydrochloric acid. The stomach of a shark, except the main, has also functions of a warehouse. And if the shark is full, then pieces of meat will be peacefully stored in a warehouse till heavier time. Similar rationality in addition with ideal sense of smell, sight and hearing do hunting of a shark by the most productive. Sense of smell at a shark magnificent: if the drop of blood gets to water and will be dissolved in it, then the pack of gray predators will not keep itself waiting, the smell in water extends, as in air. And there is everything rather simply: from the olfactory poles which are on the lower part of a mouth of a shark the signal comes to a brain which, having processed information, chooses the direction which will lead it to production. However sometimes sea water carries away information in another from a shark the party, however it all the same finds the victim. Scientists explain this spark phenomenon with the fact that the shark distinguishes even the most low-frequency fluctuations. And nevertheless what forces a shark to attack people, striking terror? Recently the number of attacks increases, sharks become more aggressive. Mass media even more often tell about new bloody cases. And if before a shark avoided Russia if Russians learned about everything from information messages, then since August, 2011 other counting went absolutely. Even earlier, in 2010 sad messages came from Egypt. And unites all of them same: never earlier in these parts similar it happened. What after all changed? Really sharks declared to people war? The fact that any living being for the predator shark is food, all know. The fact that the shark exists millions of years thanks to the ability to switch to other types of food – too the fact. The fact that ecologists of all countries give the alarm concerning dying off of the World Ocean – too is well-known. The person, “the owner of the nature”, the activity devastates the World Ocean, doing it lifeless, constantly exhausting rich still fish stocks, reducing quantity of those marine animals who, in effect, still were spark means of livelihood. Summing up the result, it is possible to tell in a word: hunger. If still the shark satisfied the hunger in sea depths, then today she came to the coast for very trivial reason – she has nothing to eat. And it, of course, cannot quietly concern the person who carefree bathes on beaches. And if once the shark tasted human meat, then she becomes a cannibal. And its visits on beaches will become frequent now, the person himself induced a shark to take this step. In effect, the nature does not distinguish concepts “evil” and “good”, to the nature in general any concepts which are given rise by human reason are unknown. The nature knows only one – any live organism living in it has the right for life and continuation some kind of. From the moment of emergence of life on our planet this law determined by Darwin always accurately was observed. And it is good that the mankind lives not under the law of Darwin, and being guided by the Scripture – the good and evil. Here it is only a pity that sometimes Darvinian laws prevail over God’s, and people do not become better than sharks.

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