Properties of abnormal water

If this is so, then special Divine care about water gave to this substance and any special, unique characteristics which it is more anywhere, except water, do not meet. What can the science tell about it? In the first half of the 19th century naturalists found out that some of characteristics of water break the standard laws of the nature that at these discrepancies there is a Divine plan and that they are the proof that water was created for the sake of existence of life. Later the famous Russian scientist Dmitry Mendeleyev made the periodic table on the basis of which he predicted existence of elements yet not known to science, but properties of these elements and their connections. And so it turned out that water does not recognize any regularities of this periodic system. According to logic of this system, water would have to freeze at -90 °C, and it freezes at 0 °C, to boil at -70 °C, and it boils at 100 °C. And it not all that does water by unique substance. The academician I. V. Petryanov concerning mysterious properties of water approves the following: “Almost all physical and chemical properties of water – an exception in the nature. It the most surprising substance on light is valid. Scientists learned about water already much, solved its many secrets. But the more they study water, the more are convinced of inexhaustibility of its properties some of which are so curious that they sometimes still do not give in to an explanation”. In spite of the fact that water is taken for a standard of a measure of density, volume, etc. for other substances, it as it is strange, is the most abnormal among all substances.

Abnormal behavior of water when freezing

One of such unique properties of water is its ability to extend when freezing. All substances when freezing, that is upon transition from liquid state to firm, compress, and water on the contrary – extends. Its volume at the same time increases by 9%. Let’s try to present for a moment what would happen in the winter in the nature if ice sank. The rivers, lakes, the subpolar seas and oceans would be chilled to the bottom, and all live organisms in them would die. But when on a water surface ice is formed, it, being between cold air and water, interferes with further cooling and frost penetration in reservoirs. This unusual property of water, by the way, is important also for formation of the soil in mountains. Getting to small cracks which will always be in stones, rain water when freezing extends and destroys a stone. So, gradually stone surface becomes capable to shelter plants which the roots complete this process of destruction of stones and lead to education on slopes of mountains of the soil.

Four degrees above zero

One more surprising property of water is connected with its special state at a temperature of +4 °C. At this temperature it has density, greatest possible for itself, so – and weight. Water at this temperature is heavier, than at any other and therefore will always fall in a reservoir by a bottom. But whether long it will stay there? The matter is that a reservoir bottom, as a rule, or warmer or colder than this water Therefore sheets of water with a temperature of +4 °C, having reached a bottom, will or heat up or be cooled, and after that always to emerge on a surface. Owing to these processes in a reservoir there will be a hashing of sheets of water. And it is very important for life as water at a bottom of any silent pond or a lake is always poor in oxygen and if there was no water hashing, inhabitants of a reservoir would begin to choke with its shortage.

Abnormal thermal properties of water

It is known that water, evaporating from the surface of a body of the person, animals and plants, protects them from an overheat. Ability to give warmly to the environment at evaporation is inherent in any liquid. However when scientists compared these abilities at different liquids, it turned out that water is some kind of champion here. In comparison with any other liquid it gives at the evaporation to the environment the most large amount of heat that, certainly, does it by the best regulator of temperature of our body. Other property of water helping us to cope as with an overheat of our body, so, however and with its overcooling, is its abnormally high thermal capacity. Water when heating by one degree absorbs in 5 – 30 times more of heat, than any other substance. Therefore also those processes which happen in our organism at hard muscular work, cause not so high raising of temperature as it would be in case of other liquids. In salt, for example, the same amount of the generated heat would cause temperature raising by 5 times bigger, than in water, in iron – by 10 times, and in lead – by 30 times. One more property of water helping to fight to an organism against an overheat – high heat conductivity. If this physical constant would have the smaller value then generated in the course of hard physical activity heat would not be transferred so well from body depth to its surface and, respectively, would not be removed from an organism together with then. Such surprising properties of water helping our organism to keep stable temperature matter also for life of all our planet. So, thanks to abnormally high thermal capacity of water, on continents there is no sharp difference of temperatures in the winter and in the summer, at night and in the afternoon as they are surrounded with a peculiar thermostat – waters of the World Ocean. In the summer it does not allow Earth to overheat, and in the winter constantly supplies continents with heat. The countries located near the ocean have soft sea climate. On the contrary, the waterless deserts which are in depth of continents are characterized by the sharp temperature drops which are observed even within one days. One more abnormal property of water important for life of all planet is connected with the fact that it has not only abnormally high warmth of evaporation protecting our organism from an overheat but also abnormally high hidden warmth of melting. At steel this size is almost twice lower, at lead – is nearly 15 times lower. This property of water saves us from catastrophic spring floods. Because of slow thawing of ice and snow the soil incorporates enough moisture and by that prevents in certain cases death of plants during a drought.

Surprising combination

We can find a similar combination of the useful properties important as дпя internal processes of an organism, and for life of all planet also in other abnormal properties of water. Let’s take, for example, viscosity. This size at water has ideal value for ensuring vital processes in an organism. Viscosity of water be slightly lower, water would rush on the thinnest vessels of our body with such speed and force that would destroy these vessels. And if viscosity was a little bigger – the current of water in these vessels slowed down, and all vital processes in fabrics of our organism stopped. However viscosity of water was ideal both for our life, and for life of any other organisms. Value of viscosity of water is ideal not only for the internal processes of our body connected with the movement of blood in blood vessels but also for the processes proceeding in the external environment. And here we face something abnormal again: unlike viscosity of other liquids, it decreases at increase in pressure. Temperature increase also lowers viscosity of water. This fact offers an explanation for why underground waters even at big depths with high pressures and temperatures are quite mobile – they can move, including towards the Earth’s surface and can be used, eventually, by plants or the person. The possibility of similar movements is caused by also unusual properties of water – a combination in it high value of a superficial tension and wetting. This ability creates in the soil and the top layers of subsoil soil the so-called suspended water which, being kept by a superficial tension, does not flow down in deeper horizons, providing plants with moisture. Thanks to the same phenomenon water in trees rises from soil level by height of their krone. It is possible to tell that the same unique properties of water once again are necessary both for internal life of organisms, and for creating favorable conditions of their dwelling. The similar combination of external and internal effects belongs also to remarkable ability of water to dissolve in itself various substances that is defined by feature of its internal structure. Without this property processes of activity could not proceed in live organisms. However the same property of water is necessary not only here, but also for life of reservoirs where the dissolved substances play an exclusive role.

“Memory” of water

In 1945 the Belgian engineer patented a way of protection of boilers from adverse effect of a scum. The essence of its invention was that the water intended for food of coppers was previously subjected to magnetic processing therefore the scum sharply decreased. The subsequent researches showed that after processing of natural water in magnetic field its many physical and chemical properties change. And similar changes in properties of water happen not only at impact on it of magnetic field, but also under the influence of some other physical factors – sound signals, electric fields, temperature changes, radiation, turbulence, etc. What mechanism of similar influences can be? It is known that each molecule of water, consisting of one atom of oxygen and two atoms of hydrogen, has very complex spatial organization. In case of water with its simple formula H20, we, actually, face unusually high-organized system. Usually liquids as, however, and gases, are characterized by a chaotic arrangement of molecules in them. But not such is the nature of “the most surprising liquid”. The x-ray analysis of structure of water showed that liquid water is closer on the structure to solid bodies, but not to gases as in placement of molecules of water some regularity – the near order characteristic of solid bodies was obviously traced. This near order can be described such concept as microclusters which call small steady sets of molecules of water. At the same time scientists found out that the water received, for example, as a result of ice thawing and at the water received by vapor condensation, will have various structure of a near order – their microclusters will have a different structure. Experience shows that on live organisms the beneficial influence is exerted by thawed snow. Structural distinctions of water remain during certain time that allowed scientists to speak about the mysterious memories mechanism of this surprising liquid. The fact that water some time “remembers” the physical impact which is carried out on it does not raise doubts, and this information which is “written down” in water exerts impact on live organisms, including on the person. As it was already told, water is a part of a body of any organism in very significant amounts. And, as showed researches, in an organism water is in the special state even more similar to a condition of a solid body, in comparison with usual water. In this plan it is not surprising at all that to the person, as well as any other organism, what external influences were imprinted in “memory” of that water which he drinks is not indifferent at all. It, however, belongs also to any other live organisms. There is also ancient belief: it is good to give to drink the cattle storm water. And for crops a summer rain with the thunder-storm really живителен. Such water differs from usual water, first of all, in a large number of the ionized, positive and negative particles. At the same time it is possible to consider by the established scientific fact that extent of electrization of the moisture absorbed by animals has huge value for course of the most various biological processes. So, water is capable to keep various physical impacts in “memory” – it can be considered already scientifically a fact in evidence. But this surprising property of water is very close to in what the science is not engaged any more, but that is known from experience of spiritual life of mankind: water can be “keeper” and spiritual influences, we Will remember those holy-water prayers which are made in Orthodox churches, and sometimes and under the open sky.

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