Pictures – energy traps

In their paintings genius artists do not just depict the landscape, the image of a person or event. They have a mystery that no science can neither solve nor explain. This mysteriousness can mean anything: joy, contemplation and even death. The mysteriousness of the portrait of Gioconda, which was painted by the world-famous artist Leonardo da Vinci, for centuries has been attractive to those who appreciate real art. A mysterious “stranger”, smiling like a magnet attracts people. Dzhokonda refers to those paintings that have been copied more than once by different artists and students, among others. However, none of them were able to achieve success in this. No matter how they tried to repeat the whole depth of the eyes of the mysterious woman Leonardo, no matter how they did not achieve the image of mystery in a smile, and nothing worked. However, what a surprise it was when it turned out that besides admiration, the image of Gioconda had a negative impact. This is evidenced by the stories of many people who came to admire the work of art created by the master of his craft Leonardo Davinci. A similar situation occurred with the famous French writer Frederick Stendal. When he came to the picture in a dense, he began to look closely into the eyes of a mysterious beauty, in her charming smile. Then a moment, and he loses consciousness! I wonder, who is this stranger, pictured in Leonardo’s painting? This question is of concern to many researchers, and most of them are inclined to the version that the artist depicted on canvas 26-year-old Mona Lisa Gerardi, who lives in Florence. And in fact, quite often one hears about this painting as “Mona Lisa”. However, researchers are now more likely to give another version. According to this version, the portrait is a picture of Pacifica Brandano, mistress of Giuliano Medici, who was the brother of the famous Pope Leo XI. The woman, chosen by a talented artist as a model, had a bad reputation. Despite the outwardly unattractive, Pacifica could seduce any man in Italy. Work on his work was started by the artist at 61 and ended when he was already 67 years old. However, the painting, in which so much was invested Leonardo, was not happy for him. In his diary, he made a note that it was created and destroyed at the same time Medici. Unknown facts experts believe that this entry had a very deep meaning. It wasn’t a secret that Pacifica was spoken of as an energy vampire. Those who were around her all the time, it was like they were melting. Her husband’s death occurred when he was at the height of his career ladder. And the death of Giuliano Medici’s famous lover was a result of consumption. And so it happened that Pacifica’s portrait also gave off this strange energy. The artist sometimes does not know himself that his work is filled with the negative energy that he spills out, creating a canvas. The brilliant artist Leonardo da Vinci not only revealed the inner essence of his model, but also transferred to the canvas with the painting. And the painting with the image of Gioconda is not the only one with mysterious abilities. Such paintings can have a negative impact not only on their creators, who paint them in moments of special inspiration, but also on those who just come to see them at the exhibition. They may well bring grief, failure and even death. Much was said about the known fact of vandalism, which occurred to the painting by Ilya Repin “Ivan the Terrible kills his son. However, few people know that Repin simply could not draw blood on this painting for a long time. He told me that every time he got to work, something stopped him. He’d get sick and stop working. But he couldn’t give up on the painting either, he was beckoning him with some unseen power. But no matter how hard he tried, the painting didn’t look vital. He managed to bring this “life” when he accidentally saw a woman in the street shot down by a carriage and her bloody face. With the model of the artist from whom he painted his son Ivan the Terrible, too, trouble happened. Vsevolod Garshin died, rushing into the stairwell. Emperor Alexander III first banned the painting “Ivan the Terrible kills his son” in Moscow. Then it was partially removed, and the painting was available for viewing only to male representatives. Women and children were not allowed to see the painting. Years went by, and it turned out that the Russian Emperor’s vision was absolutely justified. The image of blood flowing out of a man, the look of people who are by a thread from death, has a huge energy power. This was the case with the student Balashov, his psyche just could not stand. He furiously began to cut the painting without giving a report in his actions. The court recognized the young man’s insanity. Poet Maximilian Voloshin at the trial said that the blame for what happened lies on the artist himself, who impregnated the whole picture with his aggression. The talent of the famous artists suffered from their wives and lovers. The more talented the artist was, the more terrible ended the lives of women. For example, with regard to the life of Harmens van Rijn Rembrandt. His wife Saskia died of consumption at the age of 30. She was his muse and can be seen in many of the artist’s paintings. He lost three children when they were still infants, Titus’ son passed away at the age of 27. He also lost his second wife when she was still young. The most famous paintings of the world famous Spanish artist Francisco Jose Goya are “Naked Maha”, “Dressed Maha”. The role of model was given to the Duchess of Alba, who was famous for repelling the royal lover. The aging master was passionately in love with the Duchess and painted many portraits of her. Three years later, the Duchess died suddenly, despite the fact that she was a perfectly healthy person. In Pablo Picasso’s life, we know that only one of his women was lucky and nothing happened to her. His first wife was Olga Khokhlova, who was often seen in paintings by the master. Each time she represented a new image. Then she appeared as a thoughtful maiden, then as a devil. She had gone mad. There was a madness with the Yugoslav artist Dora Maar. Marie-Thérèse Walter, from whom the artist had a daughter, passed away by hanging, four years after the death of Picasso himself. With her last wife, too, she ended her life tragically, having shot herself 13 years after the master’s death. Nothing happened only to Françoise Gilo, who left him after they had lived together for ten years. Many people know about the success of the Alexander Shilov Museum in the capital. But the fact that the painting with the image of Masha’s daughter, so popular here among visitors, carries a terrible story of her life, only few people know. Masha died of an illness that could not be cured. She was only 16 years old. Many people associate the girl’s death with her father’s activities.

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