Occult world governors

Occultism and world governors
Occultism and world governors

Mystical knowledge originates in an extreme antiquity. The esoteric tradition speaks about existence since Atlantis of the occult centers which operated people and events by means of black magic. It were secret educations which it is imperceptible, but rather actively interfered with political and economic world processes. At the beginning of the 14th century the French king Philip IV Beautiful crushed Order of knights templars which existed since the 12th century and had huge power and influence. The king attract the infinite riches which are saved up by an award. Besides, it considered that Templars are dangerous to its power. Support to it was given by the Pope Kliment V, and the chancellor Guillaume de Nogare was engaged in punitive measures. Charge of occupations by magic and sorcery, heresy and a Satanism became the most serious. It was partly truthful, Templars got access to the secret doctrine of ancient Arabs, other esoteric knowledge among which there was also a black magic. Under tortures they confessed to all the mortal Greeks. Leaders of an award finished the life on a fire. Before the death the Great Master of Order of knights templars Jacques de Mole damned the opponents – the king, the Father and the chancellor, and also all their sort to the thirteenth knee. On its prophecy, all three had to die within a year. These predictions came true, in a year after Mole’s death all three died. Not really enviable steel and fate of their descendants. None of sons Philip IV, dead one by one, had successors on the man’s line. The crown departed to a collateral branch of a dynasty Kapetingov – Valois’s family. Misfortunes overtook also this family. Claims of the grandson Philip IV on the daughter, the king of England Edward III, on the French throne developed into Centenary war. Eventually, and this dynasty gave way on a throne to Burbons who finished the days during an era of the French revolutions. During reign of monarchs the legend of “a damnation of Templars” not once emerged. The French philosopher Rene Genon allocated four main occult centers having the greatest influence:

The “Egyptian” irregular masoneriya which largest structure was an award “Memphis and Mitsraam” which was directed by the count Giuseppe Balzamo and to take Beddarid.
The “Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor” which became a citadel of the European occultism and spiritism which doctor Papyus treated.
“The English Society of Rosicrucians” with the award “Gold Dawn”, under the direction of Mather. The poet Iits, the writer Bulver-Litton, the English politician Buchan and other famous figures entered their ranks.
Occult society “Miriam” which was headed by Giuliano Cremmerz, practicing “hermetic Tantrism”.
According to Genon, all these organizations were intermediaries between the outside world and black magicians of a high rank.
Besides, the philosopher spoke about existence on the planet of “Seven Towers of the Satan” which he corresponds to seven black angels and evil spirits, Lucifer’s assistants. Two of them settle down in Sudan and Nigeria in Africa, two – in the countries of Mesopotamia and Syria of Asia Minor, one in Turkistan and the last two in Russia, in the field of the Urals or Western Siberia. According to the French diplomat, the former pupil Buryat doctor Badmayev’s lamas, one of the towers which are in Russia is on Ob as the bed of this river the form promotes strengthening of activity of a certain type of demons. Other data on location of “the dark centers” of our planet contain in the doctrine Agni-Iogi. One of these centers – in Tibet. It is connected with activity of one of sects of the so-called “black Buddhism”, Bonpo’s religions. Other centers allegedly were located in America and Europe. Their Agni Yoga connects with Masonic lodges, Awards of Jesuits and societies of Satanists. Esoterics assures that some of these secret structures which carry to the left time long ago exist and now. They claim that the Order of knights templars, with the main residence in Paris and branches continues to work in the different countries. It Great Masters still direct. Also also the Zion award which arose along with Templars remained, and exerted a great influence on events of the age of Reformation, the Renaissance and Education. Networks of the most powerful occult centers were stretched worldwide. Psychics, magicians, parapsychologists, politicians and economists, representatives of intelligence agencies, mafia structures and bank elite enter them. These organizations try to influence the majority of world processes, appointing the political proteges, approving a cult of the new power, making impact on people by means of modern and ancient magic and parapsychology. Their purpose – total, parapsychological control over human consciousness and creation of the operated mankind. The new world order, according to members of these unions, will create “paradise on the earth” and the next Golden Age. It is quite possible that various authoritative and totalitarian political systems founded on the principles of zombiing of the person, emergence of the Messiahs (Hitler, Napoleon, Lenin, etc.) became result of latent activity of similar of “the dark centers”. But these centers are not connected among themselves. Everyone a certain group with the interests and the purposes directs that it prevents to coordinate terrestrial processes. But power communication between them is observed at the astral, mystical level. In an astral powers of darkness make a uniform Black Brotherhood which consists of the entities called by demons or demons at Christians. These entities use occult structures for the evil plans. And at the head of terrestrial and astral black forces, according to esoteric doctrines, “Prince of Darkness” is the Satan, or Lucifer.

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