Improbable disappearances of people

History of various wars which during development of our civilization there was a preresidual quantity, contains not only bright pages about the greatest fights, mass heroism, treachery and perfidy, but also “dark” pages – mysterious and inexplicable events, unsolved to this day. This is not about secret operations of intelligence agencies, secret plans and to that similar “espionage” information under a signature stamp “top secret”. No, the speech about the events which are beyond common sense, and even beyond laws of the physical world. For example, sudden, inexplicable and complete disappearance of people. Of course, similar paranormal events take place not only in the war. Periodically it happens also in usual life, around us. The person leaves the house, it seems, in a bakery behind bread … and disappears forever. But in the war such extraordinary cases have a much bigger public and historical response. In the first, disappear a large number of people at once. And armed and ready to any surprises, for example, to a meeting with the enemy. And secondly, similar sudden disappearance of a large number of people influenced an alignment of forces in the course of military operations and on fighting spirit of soldiers. As it occurred during the Japanese-Chinese war in 1937. Extremely militarized imperial Japan not too long looked for an occasion to start war with China. On July 7, 1937, having accused Chinese of kidnapping of the soldier, after short artillery preparation, Japanese passed Marco Polo Bridge and occupied small garrison in the town of Wanping. Large-scale military operations began, during the Japanese army which which was technically more equipped, well prepared and disciplined moved ahead far inland, without encountering fierce resistance. By December, 1937 belligerent parties concentrated near the city of Nanjing, at that time the capitals of China. The river Yangtze divided contradictory armies. For defense of the bridge through the river, in the southern suburbs of the city, on well strengthened positions the group in number of 3 000 people was located. However next day after occupation of positions the radio communication of group with a staff of defense was interrupted. Being afraid of breakthrough of Japanese on this site, the general Li Foo Shi directing defense of the city urgently sent aide-de-camps for clarification of a situation and restoration of communication. However the officers who came back from the place of events brought it so shocking messages that the general did not believe the ears. Weigh укрепрайон with all trenches, entrenchments and weapon emplacements it was absolutely empty. Any live soul, any killed, traces of any battle. Anything. The division in number of 3000 people just disappeared. Without trace. So mysterious disappearance of people had much more deplorable consequences – through this bridge the Japanese troops under command of the general Matsui rushed into the city, having arranged the real genocide of the Chinese population which became history as” Nanking slaughter “there. (for it and other crimes of Matsui in 1948 it was condemned, sentenced and hung up). These events overshadowed news about complete disappearance of the whole division of soldiers. However in post-war time the government of communistic China created the commission on clarification of circumstances of this business. But conclusions of the commission were discouraging – people were missing and further any of them it was not succeeded to find traces of stay anywhere. And it is not the only case of disappearance of a large number of people and even military equipment. The fact of loss of the legendary 9th legion in 118 AD sent by Rome for suppression of revolt of seamen on the Iberian peninsula is known to historians. 6 thousand elite soldiers together with a wagon train and with all equipment disappeared in anywhere. No search expeditions of the Romans directed on their traces attempts of modern archeologists to find some artifacts belonging to the disappeared legion led to progress. Also the case which happened to combat unit of the British army – a battalion of the Norfolk regiment is not less surprising on August 12, 1915 during attack of the Turkish positions on the Gallipoli Peninsula. During prosecution of the opponent send 267 people under command of the colonel Boshem, according to eyewitnesses of events, in a fog cloud. When fog dissipated, to amazement of everything, in the battlefield was nobody – neither live, nor the dead. About this strange fog, among the clear sunny day which fell by positions of British many participants of Dardanellsky operation reported. It was also mentioned in the report of the commission created especially for investigation of the reasons of defeat of British in this battle including for clarification of destiny of the disappeared battalion. The ottoman government categorically disproved the fact of capture or extermination of the British soldiers. This list of “dark” pages in the history of disappearance of combat units, planes, the ships, airships can be continued for a long time. Not to mention single disappearances of people which happen almost every day. Someone from them comes back, with partial or total loss of memory, others disappear completely. There is a set of the hypotheses trying to explain this phenomenon. But unambiguously clearly one – the full truth we never learn about it.

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